Promwad: 11 Years of Industrial Design Development for Electronics

In June 2015 company Promwad celebrated its 11th anniversary. During that time it grew from a small team to one of the largest design centers in Eastern Europe.

Online PR News – 17-November-2015 – Vilnius – In June 2015 company Promwad celebrated its 11th anniversary. During that time it grew from a small team of engineers to one of the largest design centers in Eastern Europe, which sells to its customers a full cycle of custom electronics design, including industrial design, PCB design, software development and mass production arrangements.

The devices developed by Promwad engineers became award and contests winners and nominees in its industry. The full portfolio includes more than 200 projects, and the industrial scale of the devices, designed upon customers’ orders from all over the world, exceeds one million units.

Promwad electronics design center achieved a significant progress in such field as enclosure development. Due to cooperation with our developers, such successful devices like SmartLabs IPTV set-top box; Lapka’s set of iPhone sensors and other new items appeared in the world market.

Upon the request of SmartLabs, Promwad developed the design and the structure of IPTVset-top boxes’ enclosure. Rostelecom subsequently chose that device to provide a unified IPTV service throughout the whole territory of Russia. MTS used that set-top box for its Home TV services.

The projects containing in the portfolio are available through the following link: case-studies.

Nowadays, industrial design services of Promwad company cover all stages of development and enclosure production for electronic devices:
• Generation of an idea and studying the concept
• Development and structure design of an enclosure
• Materials selection
• Enclosure prototyping
• Molds production
• Arrangement of enclosure production

A finished enclosure for a new device, a complete set of design documents and high-quality equipment to start mass production are the results of the services above.

Even at the stage of preliminary research, company experts take into account the limits of cost price and production technologies. Promwad designers generate their ideas receiving feedbacks from production engineers and developers. Teamwork allows to optimize a PCB to fit the size of the enclosure and vice versa; computer analysis and modeling in the development process ensure compliance with ventilation requirements and other parameters of the devices. As a result, a customer receives not only a stylish and functional enclosure, but also a safe and reliable product which is most closely adapted to production capabilities and specifications of the hardware platform: electronic system of the device.

Promwad has successfully implemented CREO (formerly Pro / Engineer), a progressive engineering design software, one of the world's leading computer-aided design system, which significantly increases the efficiency of the new projects in the field of electronic devices.

Promwad production engineers work with any kind of materials which yield to technological processing: plastics, various kinds of wood, metals and alloys, rubber, glass, ceramics and composite combinations. The main criteria for the selecting appropriate materials are the features of design solutions, customer requirements and a price categories of devices.

Due to prototypes design service, Promwad customers receive high-quality enclosure prototypes which are maximally similar to their factory production versions of the devices. They can be used for demonstrating to investors, for assembly testing, for evaluation of selected materials, how easily soiled they are, for weighting, and for tactile and other parameters testing.

At the stage of mass production, Promwad selects the most optimal production site for each project individually. The partners list includes contract manufacturers with good reputation from Russia, Baltic countries and South-East Asia.

Thus for 11 years Promwad collected knowledge and experience in all stages of enclosure development and production for electronics, allowing its customers to fully delegate responsibility for the results and get a full design cycle within one company.

"You can always contact us for a free preliminary examination of design projects and get a professional opinion about technical feasibility of the idea and about a forthcoming volume of work before you sign a contract," - the CCO of Promwad, Yury Lishtvan says.

Reference information:
Promwad Innovation Company is the largest independent electronics design-house in Eastern Europe which carryes out a full cycle of electronics development for mass production. The main specialties are consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive electronics, industrial automation, media and entertainment.

Promwad’s customers are manufacturers of electronics, start-ups, industry organizations from Western and Eastern Europe, United States and Canada. The official partners of the company are IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries and global manufacturers of electronic components such as Texas Instruments, Marvell, STMicroelectronics, Fujitsu and Analog Devices.

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