PHP Application Development Now Possible On Windows Azure

Something unexpected still revolutionary has happened in the PHP application development industry and that is the introduction of Windows Azure SDK for PHP Developers.

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – Industry for PHP application development still seems to be in shock with the news of Microsoft Windows Azure SDK for PHP Developers. The new SDK from Microsoft makes it clear that as much as it supports license software products it aims to support open sources like PHP. Microsoft Azure SDK has been designed and developed by RealDolmen with support from Microsoft and was inspired by a blog post from Maarten Balliauw.

Technologies used in the making of Windows Azure SDK include two major technologies related to PHP development and those are Eclipse, the most used PHP framework and PHP as a whole. Use of PHP related technologies make it an ideal platform for PHP application development using Windows Azure SDK. Being an SDK it allows a PHP developer perform all functions related to code writing, debugging, configuration and deploying applications to Windows Azure platform.

It includes storage where a PHP developer can store all sessions related to PHP application development as well as allows them to go through data included in Windows Azure blobs, tables and queues. The core focus of the SDK is on REST and hence is armed with instrumentation, manageability and logging support. It also includes PHP classes for tables, blobs and queues related to Widows Azure. Helper classes like AuthN/AuthZ, error management, HTTP transport and REST are sure to boost PHP application development on Windows Azure.

Windows Azure SDK for PHP developers has been warmly welcomed by PHP developers all around the world. Most of the developers can be seen researching its features to establish its potential for effective PHP application development. The best part is it is open source and can use multiple platforms like Java, .NET, Python, Ruby and of course PHP. It also allows the use of additional tools like Microsoft's Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Brief about Windows Azure: It is a flexible platform for cloud computing which allows service hosting, development, and service management. Developers can host, scale and manage web applications on as required bases.