Newbies Make More Than $1,000 Daily Working At Home - Without Spending On Google, MSN, or Yahoo Ads!

Traffic Mayhem Creator Assures the System’s Easy Even for Newbies. Product Includes Site Traffic Generation Step-by-Step Videos, Manuals, Software

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – Since myriads of guides focusing on generating free site traffic are made available, it might be hard for beginning internet marketing participants to choose the right one. However, the Traffic Mayhem product guarantees comprehensible step-by-step instructions for one to ace the game of site traffic generation. “With this brand new product, it will be the simplest instructions ever created in the internet marketing space,” Mo Latif, creator of the said product, explained.

Auto Mass Traffic (aka Traffic Mayhem), which will be launched on September 28 at 3PM (EST), is composed of Motif’s coaching series. These lessons are mainly teaching the user how to take advantage of direct links effectively. He as well guarantees that the technique of direct linking can be utilized even the affiliate does not have landing pages.

Each of the lessons are backed up with blueprints, mind maps, manuals, video clips, software program, flowcharts, and diagrams – all detailed with high resolution yet eye friendly graphics, high quality audio and attention-grabbing yet understandable texts and layout designs. These characteristics then make it easier for the starting affiliate to grasp the principles of each marketing lesson better.

“I'm using it [the Traffic Mayhem system] exclusively and come launch day I'll be exposing it to the masses. Before you start guessing it's not media buys, no SEO, no Article Marketing, no AdWords, no blogging, no Ad Swaps, etc. or any of the usual 'taking forever' techniques we keep getting hammered by every day,” Latif stressed.

What makes this product a sound investment is the winning track record of its creator, Mo Latif. He himself has been making a big name in the industry of internet marketing. In the Big Movers report from Clickbank, he has become its top one affiliate for three months. That is thanks to the over 18,000 units of his previous creation, Rapid Mass Traffic sold. His other chart topping products include Google Snatch (from first to third versions) and eSlumdog.

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