I developed an Original, Authentic, and Unique methodology of Bible study, analysis, and interpretation.

Online PR News – 18-November-2015 – Buffalo/NY – New book addresses practical concerns of Bible today
Author presents unique biblical understanding in ‘THE DOMENECH BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS’
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Author Alex Domenech’s new book, “THE DOMENECH BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS” (published by WestBow Press), presents readers with Domenech’s authentic, original study of the Bible – an analysis and interpretation undertaken from a position of no prejudices, predispositions or judgments.

“My interpretations are different from anything written before in the history of mankind,” Domenech says, “and the problems presented in my book concern and affect all of us.”

Domenech takes a progressive approach to biblical study with the purpose of presenting sacred Scriptures as a source of practical information for all generations, rather than as an obsolete and historical document. He spent six years studying, analyzing and researching to come to the discerning conclusions presented in his book.

“Humanity and its irascible thirst for consumption, especially of energy sources and natural resource exploitation, is approaching an irreversible danger to society, the animal kingdom and the planet itself,” Domenech says. “For the first time in history, an author, writer and Bible interpreter is capable of associating the Bible with current, relevant and practical issues of society and humanity.”

Alex Domenech has a Bachelor of Arts in education from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Science in education from the University of New Mexico. He did post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Houston and he has experience as a professor, teacher and substitute teacher. He is self taught in Bible studies and interpretation.