Vydya.com – Health & Wellness Marketplace

Dr. H R Nagendra, Chancellor of S-VYASA inaugurates Vydya.com – The Health and Wellness Marketplace.

Online PR News – 18-November-2015 – Atlanta, GA 30313 USA – Atlanta, Georgia, November 2nd 2015: The new Vydya.com online marketplace is a major step forward in helping people find best therapy and therapists that provide help with their health issues. It also provides easy access to practitioners in many areas of expertise like Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and other therapies.

Vydya is committed to finding a better way for people to research and become connected to the best therapy and therapists that are part of Integrative Medicine. Vydya recognizes that most therapies complement and interact with each other. The new Vydya.com marketplace seeks to include access to practitioners in all fields of health so that people can make informed decisions.

The new online portal will serve the interests of both sides of the health and wellness marketplace. In addition to being a source of information for people looking for answers and access to expert practitioners in their fields, Vydya.com will:

• Provide top quality online appointment-setting and payment processing capabilities to health and wellness practitioners.
• List events throughout the world that promote participation in any field of health and wellness.
• Provide online scheduling and health event management capabilities to organizations that are hosting events.
For end users, it is the go-to website for:
• Researching the causes of and possible answers to any health issues
• Self-help tools and tutorials to get better
• Professional help when self-help is not enough, discovering expert practitioners in many areas of therapy in local areas
• Finding out about events that are scheduled to take place in any local area or world-wide.

Practitioners in any field of health and wellness can check out the new vydya.com portal and sign-up. It is easy and free to list their business on Vydya.com so that potential customers have another way to reach them.

Individuals that are wondering if there is a better way to overcome any health issue that they may have, can check out new website to get an idea of what it may be, and who can help them to overcome it.

Vydya Health and Wellness Marketplace has been working for years to develop a better online structure to serve those looking for and providing answers to health and wellness issues. Vydya.com is open to all therapies and providers with structured education and credentials from accredited institutions.

At the launch event, Mr. Raghava B Tadavarthi, CEO of Vydya LLC., received the invitees and guests and presented brief overview of feature rich vydya.com Distinguished guest Dr H R Nagendra, Chancellor of S-VYASA formally launched the platform at Prashanti Kutiram, Bangalore, India. While speaking on the occasion he shared that, “It’s a good effort and it is necessary to bring authentic, evidence based, traditional technologies to the forefront. Stringent evaluation criteria need to be applied in evaluating and making available proven therapies”.

The grand opening was done in the presence of S-VYASA’s Pro-Chancellor, Dr. K Subrahmanyam, Prof. Ramachandra G Bhat, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Subramanya Pailoor, Registrar, Dr. Raghavendra Bhat, Assistant Professor, and Dr Srikrishna Chandaka, Director, Yoga Health Clinic, Visakhapatnam.

About S-VYASA: Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana or VYASA is a registered charitable institution (1986) working for making Yoga as a socially relevant Science. Yoga Research and Yoga Therapy – two Yoga fields which S-VYASA has poured life into! Over the years, S-VYASA has been substantiating scientific validation through Research @ S-VYASA.More information can be found at http://svyasa.edu.in .

About Vydya LLC: Vydya LLC through Vydya.com provides a health & wellness marketplace, a platform that enables providers and clients to engage and transact with each other. The website caters to users, practitioners and health event organizers who would like to connect with, and provide services to end users.

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