Film Comic Culture YouTube Channel 'The Fortress of Dorkness' Goes Live!

"The Fortress of Dorkness" entertains and informs viewers about the fascinating world of comic book characters and film so they'll never miss a beat!

Online PR News – 16-November-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – If you've ever been curious about the dense and magical world of comic books, their star characters and some of the subtle references within your favorite films then you are in luck because producers Christian Villarreal, Ryan Burke, and writer/director Nuh Omar have been hard at work creating the new YouTube channel "The Fortress of Dorkness."

After much anticipation "The Fortress of Dorkness" released it's first four episodes earlier this month and the channel is already proving itself to be a must watch for uninformed viewers and comic book junkies alike.

"I saw the potential in this show to introduce the Average Joe to the lovable characters that I’ve been following for 20 years. We’ve consciously decided to avoid mainstream characters, like my favorite superhero, Superman, and cover more obscure characters. Look at 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' you’d be surprised how many comic book people I know didn’t even know who they were," explains director Nuh Omar, who is also currently directing the film "The Porter and the Stone."

"What really made me want to work on this project was Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The stinger at the end of the first 'Avengers' had me giddy like a schoolgirl. My brother and I were hopping in our seats shouting 'It’s Thanos!,' and the people around us were like ‘Oh my god!...wait, who’s Thanos?'"

Hosted by Beth Damiano, the first episode of "The Fortress of Dorkness" entitled 'Reading Orders- Marvel's The Kree-Skrull War,' was released on Nov. 3 giving audiences an in depth look at the best place to jump into a popular storyline with Marvel's 1971 release of the series "The Kree-Skrull War."

The episode breaks down the main storyline of the series, provides insights into integral characters including the Vision, Scarlet-Witch, Quicksilver and Goliath, and notable cameos from other famed comic characters, while also informing viewers about the talented contributors behind "The Kree-Skrull War" series.

Damiano, whose passion for comic book content unequivocally fires up the screen, has an upbeat and quirky personality that adds to the show's informative nature making it incredibly fun to watch.

Damiano will continue to host the channel's comic related episodes, and producer Christian Villarreal, a film connoisseur of epic proportions, will host the channel's movie centered episodes.

The Fortress of Dorkness

Villarreal admits, "I have been a lifelong film buff, and constantly leave my friends in awe at the site of my ever-expanding DVD and Blu-ray shelf. I make it a point to watch at least one movie a day, and one new movie that I have never seen a week."

Nov. 5 marked the release of "The Fortress of Darkness'" second episode, 'Hidden Treasures: The Goonies,' with Villarreal guiding viewers through the 1985 world of Richard Donner's cult classic "The Goonies," where he identifies the impressive list of subtle references to past films and pup culture icons riddled throughout the film.

Omar adds, "Christian is an encyclopedia of movie quotations and knowledge! I’ve known him since 2009 and I’ve never met anyone in or out of this industry who can out quote the guy, he remembers everything all the way down to sound effects in obscure scenes."

The creators of "The Fortress of Dorkness" have cleverly grouped the show's episodes into specific topics, which include:

-READING ORDERS: Pointing out the best starting point for readers to begin learning about specific comic book storylines

-HIDDEN TREASURES: Movie trivia meets an Easter egg hunt where viewers will discover some of the references that they might have missed in their favorite films

-BEYOND THE BIG TWO: A segment that introduces readers to exceptionally good comics from publishers other than DC and Marvel

-COMING TO TERMS: Breaks down film terminology

-PRIMERS: Provides viewers with a must-read list of comics of the defining moments of an obscure character in depth

-VIEWFINDER: A pseudo film school 101 course that breaks down a film sequence

-CLIFF NOTES: A brief history behind the life of specific comic characters

-REEL HISTORY: A look into films with an interesting production history

"With the expansion of nerd and pop culture, we are acting as a resource to explain things like film terminologies, obscure characters and comics beyond the big ones – so C and D tier characters, not Batman, Superman, Captain America… This is for the introduction of these things to the non-nerd who wants to know more about them," explains Omar.

Besides being passionate about film, comics and pop culture in general, the creators of "The Fortress of Dorkness" are seasoned filmmakers themselves, which has definitely added to the production value of the show.

Each month "The Fortress of Dorkness" will release eight episodes with four of those focusing on film and four episodes dedicated to comics. The comic episodes will air on Tuesdays, as new comic books hit the shelves on Wednesdays, and the film related episodes will air on Thursdays, as new films hit theatres on Fridays.

The third episode, "Beyond the Big Two," was released on Nov. 10 and focused on Image Comics' Saga, and the fourth episode, "Coming to Terms," was released on Nov. 12 and covered film cuts. Some of the upcoming episodes for this month include "Primers," which will cover Marvel Comics’ Zebediah Killgrave aka The Purple Man, "Viewfinder" taking us in depth with "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Cliff Notes" about the Green Arrow, and "Reel History" exposing us to the interesting history behind the film "Casino Royale."

As for possible future guests, Villarreal says, "We hope to bring in other prominent members of the nerd community for interviews such as Felicia Day, Tom Vasel, Andre of 'Black Nerd Comedy,' and Pat Lawlor to name a few."