Filipina Author Eeva Lancaster Raises the Standard of Self Published Books through The Book Khaleesi

Eeva Lancaster, Filipina Writer, Editor and Book Designer, is helping authors create high quality books through her author services site, The Book Khaleesi.

Online PR News – 15-November-2015 – Manila, Philippines – Rising to the demands of self published authors for affordable self publishing services, Filipina writer, editor, author, and book designer, Eeva Lancaster, has created the author services site, The Book Khaleesi. A Game of Thrones fan, Lancaster is an avid reader, and aims to help authors publish high quality books without breaking their banks.

In an interview, Lancaster stated: "I love books, and self publishing has given us a chance to read the work of more writers. But the author services available are still tailored for traditionally published authors, who receive advance royalties. The high cost involved in improving a manuscript is preventing self published authors from doing what's needed to meet publishing standards. Many of them are DIYs. There are many great writers out there. They just need to present their work better, and be at par with traditionally published books, and break the stigma that self published books are not worth reading. I hope to help improve the quality of Indie books on the market by lowering the cost of our services."

Lancaster is a top rated freelancer on Upwork. With several years of experience, she's now using her skills to improve the reputation of self published books. "You'd be surprised at how good some of the Indie books are. I know The Book Khaleesi can make a positive contribution to the industry," Lancaster said.

Eeva Lancaster owns the author community, Alliance of Self Published Authors. She lives in the Philippines with her husband, and devotes her time to writing, blogging, and helping authors publish beautiful books. She's a non-fiction author with 3 books published.

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