Automated Routine Balance Testing with New GWPExcellence(TM) in Mettler Toledo's XP Balance Line

METTLER TOLEDO's Weighing Solutions Team announced the introduction of new GWPExcellence (TM) safety features in the Excellence Plus XP Balance Line.

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – Periodic balance testing is an important factor in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and established testing procedures are needed to ensure that instruments always perform to the required specifications.

METTLER TOLEDO's GWPExcellence(TM) balance firmware is a newly launched solution for balance testing. The new firmware is pre-installed on all new Excellence Plus XP Balances and a firmware upgrade is freely available for all existing XP Balances. The calibration and testing features are tailored to your applications and individual testing requirements. The new firmware maintains a testing schedule and automatically reminds the user when a test is due. Balances cannot be used if the testing requirements have not been fulfilled giving peace of mind that they are always performing within the desired specifications. The firmware provides full user guidance for each testing protocol; human error is eliminated and advanced routines, such as repeatability testing, can be undertaken by all users, helping busy laboratories deal efficiently with routine equipment testing.

GWPExcellence(TM) has been developed together with heads of QA/QC laboratories and other personnel responsible for weighing equipment in strongly regulated environments working under GLP/GMP directives. The new safety features give assurance that balance testing guidelines are always followed without the need for technicians to check if the required tests have been performed. Complex periodic tests are automatically scheduled ensuring these important checks are not overlooked. Management of balance maintenance is easier, improving process security and simplifying regulatory compliance.