2gro Wins Over Fake Scam, Shows Record Sale

After landing in trouble due to the fake scam posts over the Internet, 2gro is flying high with new and enhanced clientèle.

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – Here is one big example of a company winning it all despite of the negative fake scam posts hovering over Internet. The recent reports suggest that despite of the blog posts which were spread to ruin 2gro's brand image have come out to be a failure as the tech support giant has already recovered its image and is also joining hands with an enhanced clientèle.

According to the recent data the company is now handling a lot more clients than it handled before the fake scam appeared over the web. Showing his enthusiasm, a senior official of the company said that the company was actually never affected by this scam as those people who are already a customer of 2gro, came forward to save the company from this negativity.

He further added that the company was worried about the brand image which is surely gained back after the company has registered a record sale of the packages during last month. According to the sources, the company has managed to win more clients because of the exceptional schemes and offers it offered to the masses. However, the company officials are denying this fact.

As per the reports, the company has benefited a lot with the help of the free trial scheme it offered to those who have never been the clients with 2gro. This scheme included Windows 7 and anti-virus support for continuous six months.

Sources added that a fresh clientèle is the obvious result of new schemes which reached the masses and the company seems to be enhancing its customer chain in the near future also.