Research Report on India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Outlook, 2021

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Online PR News – 15-November-2015 – Navi Mumbai – 13th Nov 2015, – Navi Mumbai, India: Market reports on India presents the latest report on “Research Report on India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Outlook, 2021”. It is an essential tool for companies active in Indian mining, and for new competitors considering entering the industry.

The mayonnaise and salad dressing market is emerging as one of the rapidly growing dynamic markets in food services sector in India. Due to increasing standard of living and changing lifestyle, the demand for sophisticated taste in meal is becoming a growing trend in the food industry that is making a positive impact on mayonnaise and salad dressing markets. The various mayonnaise and salad dressing products like mustard sauce, caeser salad dressing, creamy cheese salad dressings, liquid salad dressing sauces, Italian & Russian salad dressing, thousand island salad dressing, eggless and garlic mayonnaise are greater than ever, thereby providing high impetus to the Indian mayonnaise and salad dressing market. The elite class demands quality, tasty and ready to eat meal turning out to be the greatest driver to the use of salad dressings and mayonnaise in recipes.

Mayonnaise is an integral ingredient which is used by branded food chains like Macdonald, Subway, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc and these are the leading end users for the mayonnaise market. The mayonnaise and salad dressing market is legroom for new product developments and producers are trying to convince consumers through aggressive campaign and advertising that they should adopt such products to experiment new dishes at home by using mayonnaise and salad dressing sauces in the recipes. However, the penetration of mayonnaise and salad dressing market is extremely low, but this opens the door for new and enormous opportunities in Indian mayonnaise and salad dressing industry. India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market is growing with a CAGR of 21.54% from last five years and is projected to get more than thrice t by the 2021 due to growing trend of international food, brand awareness, increasing disposable income, and growing demand in middle class people and increasing international food chains. The unorganized market in this industry is lagging compared to organized industry; as institutional food players focus on quality mayonnaise and salad dressings rather than prices so that they only consume the branded mayonnaise and salad dressing variants.

According to India Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing Market Outlook 2021, Indias mayonnaise and salad dressing market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 24.72% over six years. Fun Foods, Cremica, Del Monte, Sil, Kraft and American Garden are operating market in the organized mayonnaise and salad dressing market. Eggless mayonnaise dominates the mayonnaise market along with its various variants. Fun Foods is leading in mayonnaise category from many decades. Metro cities of India account for a considerable market share in the sales of mayonnaise an salad dressing products, with various variants are growing rapidly among upper middle class consumers.

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