Roselyn Jagne Opens New Art Exhibit in Spanish Harlem

Community Activist Roselyn Jagne set to open a new art exhibit in Spanish Harlem celebrating Afro-Latino artists.

Online PR News – 13-November-2015 – St.Petersburg,Florida,USA – Roselyn Jagne (daughter of infamous civil rights activists Cristiano Jagne and Yneily Martinez) is set to open a new art exhibit in Spanish Harlem celebrating local Afro-Latino artists throughout her community in Spanish Harlem. Jagne, growing up watching the fight of social injustice from her parents, has been working in Spanish Harlem since her early years. She’s been working to increase the cultural awareness of the Afro-Latino community since her parent’s tragic death in the 1980’s. Jagne’s family has roots in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba; where her African ancestors mixed with Europeans and indigenous Taino peoples. Jagne has made it her personal mission to celebrate Afro-Latino culture in a place that often suppresses Afro-Latino artists and writers. She has put together community projects putting Afro-Latino artists’ work on display in the past, but her latest exhibit will be her largest and most comprehensive.

Roselyn Jagne comes from an immensely large family that has worked with community organizations in Spanish Harlem for decades. Her family has worked with the Young Lords of New York, an activist organization focused mainly on achieving self-determination for Puerto Rico and fighting for the civil rights of members of the Puerto Rican diaspora living on the United States mainland. The Jagne family believes that their goals and the goals of the Young Lords were mostly the same; growing up with the rest of her family in Eastern Harlem (El Barrio) she and her brothers and sisters gained the passion for advocating better civil rights for all Latino and Afro-Latino people living in New York and globally from their parents.

Roselyn Jagne plans to feature several prominent Afro-Latino artists from Spanish Harlem in her exhibit. She has not announced the list of artists she plans on featuring, however. Jagne hopes that her exhibit will inspire young Afro-Latinos in the community to reach for their dreams and be inspired by Afro-Latino artists living and working in their community.

Another goal for Roselyn Jagne in the future, aside from celebrating Afro-Latino artists and writers, is raising awareness of the myriad contributions that Afro-Latino communities have had on American culture as a whole. Jagne knows that she has a long way to go to promote this goal, but her art exhibits and her community works figure to get her started towards a more national focus for her work in the future. Jagne continues to live and work in Spanish Harlem, New York, where she grew up.

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