Lumera Diamonds Changes The Way Loose Diamonds Are Purchased

Customers can now cut out the middleman -- Lumera is shaking up the diamond industry by giving the public access to GIA certified loose diamonds at everyday low prices.

Online PR News – 16-September-2009 – – ST. LOUIS, MO - With the launch of, Lumera is shaking up the diamond industry by giving the public access to GIA certified loose diamonds at everyday low prices.

While a typical jewelry store offers assortments of less than 100 diamonds, Lumera's selection includes more than 5,000 GIA certified loose diamonds. In addition to selection, Lumera offers unprecedented Quality and Trade-in Guarantees that address concerns long held by consumers when purchasing diamonds and fine jewelry.

Every Lumera diamond is independently evaluated and certified by the GIA, the world's oldest and largest diamond grading laboratory. In addition, contrary to long held industry pricing practices, Lumera diamonds are offered using an everyday low price model more akin to Wal-mart than Tiffany's.

"We wanted to really shake up the diamond business in a way that benefits the customer," explained Joe Brehob, president of Lumera Diamonds. "By pricing diamonds as a commodity, and educating consumers about how to buy diamonds, we are doing for diamonds what Dell did for computers."

Presenting such a large assortment of diamonds without overwhelming the customer is accomplished through an interactive diamond search that allows users to steadily narrow their options, viewing diamonds side by side while comparing sixteen key attributes. Customers are able to save diamonds of interest for future reference, allowing easy price and quality comparisons with other retailers. Lumera's diamond search application is free to use at:

"We want customers to compare diamonds in every detail. Not only does it help them make better choices, it increases the likelihood that wherever they buy from, they're going to get what they really want, and at a fair price," added Mr. Brehob.

A direct result of offering commodity prices on certified diamonds is the ability to offer guarantees previously not possible. For instance, every diamond comes with a written Quality Guarantee that promises customers a full refund plus $100 if their new diamond does not appraise for what they paid or higher.

In addition, customers have the lifetime ability to trade in their diamond and get full credit toward the purchase of a larger diamond. Unlike virtually every other trade-in policy, it does not require that the customer spend double the original amount on the new purchase.

"Jewelers force you to spend double on a trade-in purchase because they could otherwise never afford to give you back what you paid on your original purchase. What does that tell you about the deal you got?" asked Mr. Brehob.

By offering the Quality Guarantee and Lifetime Trade-in, as well as 30 day returns and exchanges, Lumera hopes to overcome a deep seated -- and often well founded -- skepticism when it comes to buying diamonds and jewelry.

Mr. Brehob concluded by saying; "We are so excited to bring this open concept to our customers, empowering them to make their own well-informed choices, while in effect pocketing the salesperson's commission."

Lumera Diamonds sells GIA certified loose diamonds through Every diamond is backed by an exclusive Quality Guarantee, Lifetime Trade-in privileges, and a written appraisal. Lumera was founded with the mission of promoting both transparency in the diamond business and education for the consumer; eliminating the mystery and anxiety that often accompanies the purchase of diamonds and jewelry.

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