eyabber.com New Online Auction Site

We are an online auction site for manufacturers. Buy & Sell or open an online store and run your business. We market globally and want to be your go to web site

Online PR News – 13-November-2015 – New York NY – eYABBER is the most comprehensive and targeted manufacturing, equipment, machine, tooling and product related global auction website on the web today. With our global reach, we give you the ability to list, sell and purchase products that are directly related to your industry. It is a fresh approach of commerce within the manufacturing segment. Your product gets recognized in all countries with open internet architecture and can be easily found in an organized specialized website.

We got started when manufacturing companies came to us to sell off their extra and excess tooling machinery and inventory. This is why eYABBER is so awesome. Every manufacturing, production or machine related company around the globe has incredible amounts of excess parts, tooling, machines and manufacturing related products just sitting around that could be converted into cash. Why not put it up for sale online rather than store it on your shelves in your business collecting dust. If you can sell these items and turn them into cash, why not? If you can buy items you may need at significant savings, why not?

When listing or buying on eYABBER, you are engaging directly with a safe site that is specific to the manufacturing and industrial business segment. Finally, a solution has arrived for you that is affordable to buy & sell online, and one that is not combined with massive amounts of unrelated consumer products. Why search through clothing, shoes, and household items children's toys etc when you’re looking for specific machines, tools and manufacturing products? This is a site you can access daily and can list and buy from very specific categories. This site will save you time scrolling through thousands of generally listed products.

The choice is simple. eYABBER is so affordable you can almost list twice the amount of listings with us vs. other sites which is a huge significant saving over time. With eYABBER you keep more percentage points in your pocket when you sell. All of adds up to convenience and savings. The advantages of eYABBER combined with its affordable footprint, makes it an obvious choice.