Vintilator Wine Aerators Announces Their Arrival in the USA

Vintilator announced their arrival in the USA with the launch of their new in-bottle wine aerator, the Vintilator.

Online PR News – 13-November-2015 – Phoenix, Arizona – The company aims to provide an quick and easy alternative to wine lovers that currently like to aerate or “breathe” their wine with traditional methods that can take a couple of hours.

Vintilator Wine Aerators, which was established in September 2015, was founded on the basis that that there was a niche for removing the issue of waiting for the wine to breathe in its own time, and replacing it with a device that can aerate the wine in real time, as it is poured from the bottle.

“Many wine enthusiasts love to aerate their wine prior to consuming it,” said Vintilator marketing manager Mark Keane. “The problem with the customary ways to aerate wine is that it can take a couple of hours and more to achieve the desired result.”

The company researched different options about which type of aerator to manufacture. They settled with the type that fits into the neck of the bottle, as opposed to the types that the wine pourer has to hold above the glass and pour the wine through. Mark Keane believed they had got it right. “We went with the in-bottle design because of the convenience factor really. All people need to do is fit the Vintilator into the bottle and pour, leaving the other hand free to hold the glass or decanter, or to do whatever you want with it.”

Although ventilator is a new company, Mr. Keane has confidence that they can compete with the established wine aerator companies because he strives for high customer satisfaction. He stated, "At the moment we are the new boys on the block and only a small company, but by giving our customers one hundred percent satisfaction, we hope to build a great reputation and in doing so, grow the business.”

Vintilator uses food grade acrylic and silicone in the manufacture of their wine aerators. The retail outlet from where they will be vending will be announced in the coming days.