Remembrance Day in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States on November 11th Princess Jessica

Today, November 11, 2015 is Veterans Day (USA) and Remembrance Day (Canada) and for people in the United Kingdom.

Online PR News – 12-November-2015 – York, England – York, England, United Kingdom, Europe November 12, 2015 -- Princess Jessica W. informed Prince Charles (The Prince of Wales) in a message and spoke to Queen Elizabeth II's Assistant for events to inform her and him of attending the event on November 8th.

On November 8th, Princess Jessica Carol White decided to visit Queen Elizabeth II's Garden near 11 Hanover Square and across the street near 10 Hanover Square is where she departed.

At Hanover Square she decided to take photographs in New York. Someone informed her that the performers are around the corner.

After arriving around the corner, Princess Jessica takes photographs of military Remembrance Day red and black reefs.

The reefs have little note cards with words of comfort.

On Remembrance Observance Day in New York, people including Princess Jessica walked around reading the words of comfort and to her it feels great knowing others care.

One day after returning to Nevada, Princess Jessica stayed one night for the first time in her life at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel (November 9th) and has plans to stay again on November 24th.

Jessica Carol White