New mindfulness app REAL is set to become a survival guide for modern living

A life path counselor, healer and photographer of The Doors Bobby Klein launched a Kickstarter campaign to build the REAL app to provide guidance to people

Online PR News – 12-November-2015 – London, UK – When life feels like it’s more stressful than ever before and turning to a meditation app does give all the answers, people seek external guidance and advice. Reflecting on 73 years of life experience, 40 years as a life path coach, counselor and therapist and 7 years of interpretation of I Ching, an ancient oracle which origin goes back to 3000 BC, Bobby Klein is bringing the new kind of mindfulness app introducing REAL, a survival kit for modern living.

Designed to guide people through difficult life situations, as well as unwind and release stress, REAL is a convenient and simple way to get daily updates and classes on issues and challenges people face in their daily life. Available on a ‘freemium’ basis, the free version of the app will include Bobby Klein's interpretation of the ancient oracle - I Ching Weekly; and the premium version will contain ever-growing library of content from Bobby and other experts, or Wisdom Keepers.

Unlike other mindfulness and meditation apps, REAL provides access to a more rounded view to life issues and ways to resolve them accumulating 73 year of life experience of Bobby Klein, as well as 7 years of his interpretation of the ancient oracle - I Ching Weekly. The I Ching dates back to 3000 BC, to the reign of the emperor Fu Hsi, who invented the original trigrams. It is an oracle that charts the flow of yin and yang energies, revealing glimpses into the higher order of the universe; it is also a book of Taoist philosophy offering guidance as to proper conduct and procedure as we make our way through the human journey. This translation has been in progress for over thirty years, when Bobby started learning the Chinese language in the course of studying Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and tai chi chuan. His teachers at that time included Professor Wen-Shan Huang, Master Gim Shek Ju, and Master Marshall Ho’o, and they painstakingly took me through the original Chinese texts of the I Ching, helping him with its translation and application. 

Each of the I Ching’s sixty-four hexagrams, consisting of two trigrams, possesses a unique meaning. A question is asked; the answer received may at first seem to be obtuse, unrelated to the question, and even confusing. But by delving into what a reading triggers in us at the moment of inquiry, the meaning of the hexagram and its relevance to our situation soon becomes apparent.

Bobby Klein, the author of REAL app, said: ‘For more than 7 years I have been sending out The I Ching Weekly, my translation and interpretation of the ancient oracle as a guide to living well in these very powerful and sometimes confusing times. Having listened to the feedback of the thousands of people who comprise the I Ching Weekly's growing community, I realised that there is a need for something bigger than a way to reflect on life events and achieve peace of mind through meditation. There is a need for life guidance: a way to live the life, build and develop relationships with others, and a means to connect with the bigger world. I am happy to see the early success of REAL’s Kickstarter campaign and I look forward to introducing the app to the world in 2016’.

Having launched just a few days ago, REAL has 67 backers who pledged over £5K towards £20K target. Pledges range from 3 month subscription for £24, 1 year subscription for £60, and 3 year subscription for £130 to lifetime subscription worth £240. The app will be released in January 2016.

Pledges are accepted at REAL Kickstarter page till December 2, 2015.

About the app

● Premium Content
○ Daily audio message from Bobby
○ Audio advice pieces on selected issues (happiness, stress, relationships, sleep and more) - updated weekly
○ Video lessons on selected issues (happiness, stress, relationships, sleep and more) - updated weekly
○ Interviews with experts, or Wisdom Keepers

● Functionality
○ Browse, listen and bookmark content you like
○ Receive staff-picked content recommendations
○ Receive recommendations tailored to you specifically
○ Book a one-to-one session with Bobby
○ Integration with Facebook - see which of your friends are using the app
○ Connect with community - receive notifications and join meetups and community events

About Bobby Klein

Bobby Klein started out as a photographer for the Doors, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix when he found there was a common thread of sharing: with an open heart, no judgement, and no boundaries. His path has taken him from photography, to a cutting edge natural food restaurant, to being one of the first acupuncturists in America and being instrumental in opening up a clinic at UCLA leading to the legalisation of eastern medicine. Bobby travelled the world, learning from Tibetan Buddhists, living with indigenous tribes of the Americas, learning their medicine, their rituals, and their ceremonies. He now incorporates these learnings as a practicing psychologist and life path counsellor in Tulum, Mexico. More about Bobby Klein’s retreats is available on: