Human Health Watch medical startup exchanges donations for additional years of life within

Human Health Watch medical startup exchanges donations for additional years of life within its crowdfunding campaign

Online PR News – 11-November-2015 – Kiev, Ukraine – One year plus of life expectancy for each donation of US$20 (no more than 5 years for US$100) is offered to donors participating in a crowdfunding campaign to support a new medical startup Human Health Watch, which starts today on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform ( The nature of this perk is based on the assumption that only responsible people who take care of their own health and the health of their family members are psychologically motivated to donate money for this project.
The Life Expectancy calculation on Human Health Watch will be initially based on two factors:
• Statistics on Life Expectancy according to the Year of Birth/Country/Gender
• Answers to the Questionnaire regarding Life Style of a user.
The startup initiators are sure that donating to Human Health Watch statistically might be considered as a feature of people with a healthier life style. There is only one way to check this assumption: to design Human Health Watch, attract users, and then analyze the statistics.
Human Health Watch is a web-service and an App which will provide users with medical statistics – special customized research on topic regarding how other people did overcome a similar illness. It is a universal medical tracker with the elements of a social network. Patients (or doctors upon request of patients) will put all their illness symptoms, test results and other details into special forms. Users will have their health histories, which will allow them to see trends and provide children with full medical map of their parents.

At the later stages, when these forms have been filled-in by many people, users will have an overall picture of people’s health, personalized life expectancy, trends in the Health Care and a relative view of the health of mankind. Our fund raising company’s objective is to collect the money needed for the design of Human Health Watch, a revolutionary new IT-tool.