Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC Confirms Hiring Drive Will Double Headcount

Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC says a review of its recently-announced hiring plans will effectively double headcount.

Online PR News – 11-November-2015 – Osaka, Japan – Osaka-based asset manager, Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC reports that a review of recently-announced plans to hire additional personnel to help it cope with a surge in institutional and private client numbers has resulted in the number of recruits being revised upwards.

Instead of the originally-planned 17, headcount will now be increased by 40, effectively doubling the firm’s overall headcount to 80 excluding senior management.

The firm’s revised plans come as China’s stock markets recover from a tumultuous rout over the summer months which saw trillions of yuan wiped off the value of mainland Chinese companies and a number of securities industry players go out of business.

“We regard the improving situation in China as something of a green light for our plans for expansion outside of our native Japan. There is little doubt that the growth of the wealthy demographic in China is set to continue at a faster pace than pretty much any other country in the world and we think our unique brand of asset management can help those people make the most of their wealth,” said Charles Worth, Executive Vice-President and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC.

While Japan is seen as continuing to form the mainstay of the firm’s core asset management business, the seemingly endless minting of millionaires in the world’s second biggest economy has made the Chinese market appear extremely attractive to a number of Japanese operators.

Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC will be making a formal announcement with regard to plans to launch a number of satellite offices on the Chinese mainland shortly.

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