Austin Bound & U.S. Market Entry for International Entrepreneurs

Tech Ranch need to not only travel for our international entrepreneurs but invite them to visit Austin to learn and connect.

Online PR News – 11-November-2015 – Austin, Texas – Over the past year, Tech Ranch has been growing…and growing…and growing. Whether it be moving into a new space last December, increasing numbers across all Austin-based programs, or exponentially expanding the “community of practice” internationally the company has been proud at what 2015 has brought so far.

Much of the work being done is outside of Austin, and even outside of the United States – ranging from a joint venture in Japan to visiting delegations from Norway, Japan, France and Denmark over the past month. As the team has on this network that has been created, as well as CEO, Kevin Koym’s most recent trip to Semana del Emprendedor in Mexico City, it was realized that Tech Ranch need to not only travel for our international entrepreneurs but invite them to visit Austin to learn and connect.

Therefore, the first ever “Austin Bound” seminar has been launched, focusing on U.S. Market Entry and the Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem for international entrepreneurs. Austin Bound will be a 2-day seminar with a packed schedule to not only help with potential market entry but also build bridges across countries by bringing entrepreneurs from across the globe together. The program is meant to be interactive and focus on the entrepreneur and their business success. The cohort will be empowered to explore and fine-tune alongside one another.

According to one our international program participants, Laurent Dubuisson of Belgium, who we were lucky enough to have spent two weeks with us in September, “Tech Ranch has helped me realize that I can grow my business both in the U.S. and Europe, as long as I full develop my mission, goals and strategic plan for each market with the help of trusted mentors and a community of entrepreneurs.”

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About Tech Ranch:
Starting and growing an idea into a business requires having the right people, information and tools. Tech Ranch brings entrepreneurs from all stages together to fill in the missing pieces and leverage the social capital of the community of practice we’ve created. Tech Ranch focuses on three main values that drive all of our activities.

1. We focus on the entrepreneur. This is extremely important to us because we believe that by developing the individual we can create a stronger, better prepared community of entrepreneurs, regardless of their path going forward.

2. We strive to build global bridges. The opportunities to grow, learn and scale reach far beyond Austin, TX. With connections from Japan to Mexico we are consistently adding to our valued community and encouraging cross-collaboration between entrepreneurs across borders.

3. We are committed to impacting the World through our entrepreneurs. Tech Ranch understands that the reason individuals start their own venture is many times due to passion. We want to help you achieve personal success and positively impact the world around you.