Ventana Research 2015 Technology Innovation Awards Recognizes FirstRain’s Orion Release as a Groundbreaker in Marketing Strategy and Tool for Marketing Success

Online PR News – 11-November-2015 – SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, November 5th, 2015 – FirstRain, the leader in personalized business analytics for enterprise sales and marketing teams, has been recognized as a winner of the Ventana Research Operation Innovation Award in Marketing Excellence for its recent FirstRain Orion release. The 2015 Technology Innovation Awards identifies departments and technologies that are continuing to innovate and utilize expertise to interact with customers. For more information on the award please visit

“Marketing needs up to date information as it assesses the market and takes action, and FirstRain’s platform exemplifies our idea of an essential tool for marketing success,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “Through FirstRain, enterprises and especially marketing organizations are not only able to learn more about the marketplace, but they are also able to gain insights leveraging big data analytics for highly personalized, relevant and timely information for sales and marketing teams.”

FirstRain is an analytics platform that empowers enterprise customers to deliver business-critical and actionable insights to departments, teams and individuals. The FirstRain Orion release dramatically increases strategic insight by adding new families of business analytics and the ability to integrate and analyze internal company data with Web and social data. FirstRain’s flexible and dynamic architecture is simple to deploy into any enterprise solution.

“Ventana’s Operational Innovation Award for Marketing Excellence is a testament to the powerful business insights that we provide our customers through the FirstRain platform,” said Penny Herscher, president and CEO of FirstRain. “With FirstRain, marketers can unlock the value of internal company data with Web and social for disruptive analytics that drive smart business decisions.”

The Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards covers 26 business and technology categories for business, IT, technology vendors and consulting firms. Ventana Research evaluates applicants’ technology value, best practices and how the technology applies to best business strategies.

About FirstRain
FirstRain is an enterprise scale, SaaS Business Analytics technology platform that creates a real-time highly targeted information experience in business organizations based on their goals and initiatives. FirstRain interprets the universe of unstructured business information derived from the global and social Web and internal company data to build robust and highly intuitive end-user analytics that enable business professionals to make better decisions, get closer to customers, drive revenue growth and outwit the competition. FirstRain analytics are used by Fortune 1000 enterprises around the world and are integrated into leading platforms like Salesforce, SAVO, Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, and Dun & Bradstreet.