WisePay updates services for BETT 2016

WisePay launches Sports Bookings, Activity Management and Gym Subscription Service, Parent Evening Booking Service, and Holiday Activity Booking Service

Online PR News – 11-November-2015 – London – WisePay launches Sports Bookings, Activity Management and Gym Subscription Service, Parent Evening Booking Service, and Holiday Activity Booking Service newly updated for BETT 2016

Featured for the first time at BETT on stand A120 will be the latest updated version of the WisePay Sports Bookings, Activity Management and Gym Subscription Service, the WisePay Parent Evening Booking Service and the WisePay Holiday Activity Booking Service. All services are designed to be easy to navigate by parents and students, with quick access to the features users need to reach at anytime, anywhere, via PC, tablet or mobile.

Using WisePay’s updated online Sports Bookings, Activity Management and Gym Subscription Service, schools and colleges can easily promote and manage sports bookings in one place. The service can be used by organisations to manage internal bookings as well as to advertise facilities for use by the local community out of school hours.

Via the WisePay Communications Hub, schools can send emails and texts to a distribution list making it easy to advertise facilities. Gym subscriptions can also be purchased via this online service, in either a one-off payment or via instalments. Accounts can also be enabled with different access levels, making it possible for staff members to make a booking at ‘zero value’. A collision management feature ensures that dangerous activities such as archery lessons cannot take place in close proximity to other activities.

Sports managers or caretakers responsible for preparing for bookings can be given access to daily reports allowing them to see who is expected in their building and what additional resources may be required. Details of all payments can be viewed by administration staff, saving valuable time spent processing payments. Furthermore, WisePay’s Service provides colleges with important information to help them decide if a booking or activity is financially viable to run.

Easy to navigate by members of the public, the system clearly displays all of the sporting facilities that are available, together with booking options. Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Extra resources, such as tennis rackets or changing rooms associated with each sporting activity, can also be booked.

WisePay will also be showcasing its new product, the WisePay Parent Evening Booking Service. Fully-integrated with WisePay’s existing services, this application allows schools to create timetables and specify the length and location of appointments, before making these bookings available to parents. Schools can then monitor the progress of online bookings in real-time, saving valuable administrative and lesson time previously spent allocating bookings. The online timetables are flexible and can be changed by authorised staff members if necessary - the system will update to include these changes immediately, allowing schools to view the schedule by day, teacher or year group. The software is fully integrated with the WisePay Communications Hub, for emailing and texting parents. This means that all parental contact information is readily available, organised by class, so an email or text can easily be sent to notify parents if a teacher is sick or if an appointment needs to be cancelled.
Parents can change the time of appointments via their account, providing that the preferred time is still available. As with WisePay’s other resources the booking service can be accessed on-the-go via phone or tablet. If any changes are made by administration or teaching staff this will be updated on parents’ accounts showing the time slots still available. All updates are made in real-time so eliminating the possibility of double bookings and the need for paper timetables.

The final service to be featured will be the new WisePay Holiday Activity Booking Service. This service is designed specifically for parents keen to book and pay for holiday activities in one easily-accessible, online location. Schools can easily tailor their administration forms for each activity. Furthermore the integrated WisePay Communications Hub is available to send emails or texts on activity details or further holiday activity promotions.

The service offers parents a range of payment options including payment with a deposit, payment via instalments or an alternative variable price option. Staff can view parent and student bookings in real time, making it easy for staff to see if an activity is viable.

These new services will be featured alongside WisePay’s existing range of managed services. All of WisePay’s applications run from a single platform making it easy for schools and parents to access all services via a single login and eliminating the need for paper payments.

Further information on WisePay can be found at www.wisepay.co.uk Tel: 0845 899 0011


Note to editors: We would be delighted to provide walkthroughs of WisePay’s services on request. Please email jennifer.birt@livewirepr.com Tel: 020 8339 7440

About WisePay:

WisePay has millions of students, parents, businesses and external customers regularly viewing, booking and making payments to their chosen organisations online and via their mobiles and tablets.

WisePay provides easy to use facilities for schools, colleges, local authorities, catering contractors and organisations to offer and communicate their resources directly to their students, parents and external customers. It also provides facilities for its customers to collect and manage information and consent permissions.

Innovative functionality and features provide its customers with time and cost saving benefits. All services are centrally managed on a single platform. Access rights for staff members are determined by their needs, roles and responsibilities.

WisePay provides a very flexible suite of services that fully integrate with a client's bank account(s), their student/customer records, their financial ledgers, their cashless catering POS tills, document management systems and their door entry systems.

The company offers 'single' or 'bundled' subscription options to allow customers to implement new processes easily - also allowing them to control the pace they wish to proceed at.

WisePay provides implementation management with a named on-boarding manager, on-site training and on-going support for every school and college. All WisePay staff are experienced and knowledgeable in their roles. The company also provides additional consultancy should customers require.

WisePay has excellent relationships with many UK domestic and international banks. It is therefore in a position to negotiate the best and most appropriate transaction and processing charges to ensure its clients are always receiving the correct rates and banking services.

WisePay services are safe, secure, reliable and robust. On-going, rigorous security testing by third party industry leaders is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that WisePay is fully PCI accredited.

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