Real Discounts at - No More Frustration with Teak Furniture “Discounts”.

In a year that needs ‘real’ discounted product, Teak Closeouts offers reduced garden furniture at savings of 30%-60%. Obviously, it is common practice to claim a discount or sale. Yet, the discounts given by others typically range from 10% off to a selection of undesirable unsellable product.

Online PR News – 02-April-2009 – – Lexington, KY – Introducing the lowest price on real teak garden furniture on the internet. Teak Closeouts, a true discount garden furniture online store, officially opens in the spring of 2009.

Although new websites are common and easy to set-up, an organization is only as good as its structure. There are hundreds of sites with slick website templates and a few containers of ‘purchased product’. This format is not uncommon to teak garden furniture. Armed with $50k-$200k, anyone can buy from hundreds of teak suppliers and open a website. Claims of discount or superior product/manufacturing are common. In the end, the website and organization is just another seller of teak garden furniture – with a web designer and a bunch of pretty pictures.

Teak Closeouts, an organization owned by Salvage Building Materials in Lexington, KY, first opened their doors in 1994. Salvage Building Materials first started importing teak garden furniture in 2000 for local store sales only.

In 2002, Salvage Building Materials made their first large ‘closeout’ purchase of teak benches and teak chairs. The intended production order was destined for Austria and everything was labeled in German. For unknown reasons, the order was canceled or the buyer reneged. The containers arrived in September 2002 and in less than 6 months, sold over 1000 benches by April 11, 2003 – in the fall and dead of winter!

Since 2003, the teak purchases have been small enough to supply the local Lexington market with discounted teak furniture. In early 2008, the decision was made to expand the concept of buying discount teak and efforts were started to convert the Indonesian operation to include an expanded teak role.

By the end of summer 2008, a soft opening was launched in anticipation of spring 2009.


The concept of Teak Closeouts is simple. Buy teak from supplier’s going out of business, excess product, end-of-the-year styles, canceled orders or any reason to get the product less than the standard market value. The task isn’t easy and 1 in 20 deals might result in an agreement. There is a lot of wasted time and effort spent looking and negotiating deals that result in no deal. Teak Closeouts focuses primarily on the mid-level teak market – since this is the most affordable


1.Real Discount Teak Furniture Site
a. When other sites talk discount, Teak Closeouts actually delivers.
b. Many sites say SALE, but offer ‘the same price’.
c. There really is NO SITE similar in nature on the web. There are many closeout sites, like Overstock, etc….but their discount is more modest and they don’t offer our variety and specialized concept. The other sites say discount, but after shopping the product, their discount might be 10-20% off.
2. Economy is tough and your customers/readers want to hear about new discount sources relevant to their needs.
a. Spring is coming and customers/readers want to save money
b. Customers/readers are more picky and conscious to save money
c. Your customers/readers want to hear about us
3. 2009 is start to first official year.
4. Limited inventory – best selection is early
a. New inventory arrives at random times in the year because the buys are REAL CLOSEOUTS.
5. Prices are marked 30-60% off their regular price
6. Easy calculated shipping costs based on each item.
7. Your order can be processed via the internet versus many garden furniture sites that complicate the sales process.
8. Simple Shopping Cart for fast and easy check-out – one page check-out.
9. Easy to understand website – Not bogged-down and complicated
10. Teak Benches starting at $189, Teak Arm Chairs at $137
11. Items may be purchased via the website or purchased direct at the local sales store in Lexington, Kentucky – Salvage Building Materials.
12. The most popular items are teak benches, teak arm chairs, and teak tables.

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