Toshniwal Introducing Moisture Balance at Budget Friendly Cost

Wants to determine the best quality of product by determining the amount and level of moisture content but don’t know how to measure the humidity.

Online PR News – 09-November-2015 – New Delhi – Wants to determine the best quality of product by determining the amount and level of moisture content but don’t know how to measure the humidity with accuracy. Toshniwal Technologies PVT Limited is the leading and high-flying company that is providing the unmatched quality of various tools and technologies in the field of measurement and testing. After gaining independence in 1947, toshniwal established their company in 1948 and from that day till now they are continuously providing the advanced solutions and product to the customers by developing the instruments in fully equipped laboratory that is well known all over the world.

The consumers who once use their tools and technologies never make any complain and give positive feedback after using the device. They are not saying this from their own even these are the words of clients who take the measuring equipments from toshniwal at budget friendly cost and with n number of features. Today, they are known as the best moisture meter manufacturer in India because they engineered fully automated meter with avant-garde electronics, several features and unique ergonomic design. While using this technology, the user need not to worry about its installing, operating procedure and maintenance because manufacturers produced it after making the research and fixing the ultramodern equipments that provide easier functioning to the user.

Moisture meter also known as moisture balance, humidity meter and moisture analyzer is the proven technology to measure the amount of moisture for almost every product including grains, pharmaceuticals, cement, soils, chemicals, food processing, wood product, ceramics, cosmetics, sludge and etc. Determine the moisture content become necessary for the industrialist because inaccurate level or quantity of humidity in any substance can greatly affect its perceived quality and does not allow carrying out the processing effectively. The skilled manufacturers of moisture balance in India introduced the new model of this technology that is known as I-thermo moisture balance with great quality and at reasonable prices.

This newly developed technology adopts two microprocessor one is to control the furnace heat and another is to control all functions of the balance. I-Thermo Moisture Balance is the rugged instruments that measure the quantity of moisture of raw materials and finished samples in various industries such as agriculture, food, construction, ceramics, agriculture, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. This technology has state-of-the-art feature from which some of them are listed below.

• Temperature Range: 35-160°C with 1°C increments
• Easy to operate
• Plastic Protection Cover
• LCD with backlight and adjustable contrast
• Numerous drying programs to optimize testing throughput
• Accurate measurement and reliability in outcome
• Ability to display even in room temperature
• Moisture measurement for both liquid and solid
• Visualization of drying process
• No need to use additional software to take readings and test programs
• Halogen - Infrared lamp
• Easy maintenance

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