Universal Plastic Launches Their New Line of Non Woven Bags

Universal Plastic is among the leading designers and manufacturers of top end packaging solutions. Products are widely used by different types of business firm.

Online PR News – 09-November-2015 – Ontario, CA – Universal Plastic is a leading packaging solutions provider based in Ontario, California. For more than 20 years, Universal Plastic has been a household name in Ontario, California when it comes to packaging services. With their extensive line of top notch packing solutions, Universal Plastic has helped countless companies achieve the zenith of their business potential. Their products have always followed the basic needs of the packaging industry and the experts at Universal Plastic have always made sure that innovation is always followed by user-friendliness in each and every packaging item they create. In the recent times, Universal Plastic have come up with an all new line of non woven bags that meet the highest standards of quality while being good looking at the same time.

The non woven bags that are manufactured by Universal Plastic are made up of polypropylene materials which make them a perfect alternative to cloth and paper bags. These bags are characterized by high material strength and flexibility which enables them to hold much more goods than the conventional carry out bags. Moreover, their added flexibility allows users to fold them easily and preserve them for later use. Another distinct feature of these bags is that they can be washed and cleaned easily and this makes them perfect for long term usage. Users can also machine wash these bags for better results. The best part about these bags is that the polypropylene material makes them 100% recyclable.

These Elkay non woven bags contain no toxic inks or lead which makes them perfect for safe usage. The stock collection of the bags that are made available by Universal Plastic comes in black with attractive sun print. However, interested buyers can also place orders for custom designed bags that can come in a multitude of different colors and uniquely printed motifs. The new line of non woven bags will surely appeal to buyers of different tastes and preferences and is destined to be a major success like all the other products previously released by Universal Plastic.