Cortes Strikes Again! Look Out for Rick Cortes and Knightskope!

Rick Cortes teams up with Knightskope for highly anticipated new album.

Online PR News – 27-September-2010 – – Many of you are already familiar with the name Rick Cortes... his song and video about Malibu Beach, California.

"In The Bu" has been a favorite on youtube with hundreds of thousands of hits and as his legions of facebook fans already know he is working on a highly anticipated album with a new partner known only as "Knightskope".

Rumor has it that "Knightskope" is really a very popular artist in his own right.
The two are being very secretive about this project and will not talk to the press at all regarding the album. I was able however to get some face time with producer Jerry Leal. Leal has been responsible for several breakout artists including Eve''s Burden and the Electric Eels. He is the studio guru who put the voodo into
this new incredible rock act, here is what he had to say...

"When a voice of biblical purportions meets Darth Vader with an electric guitar what can you expect? Anticipation is high for this cd and we have several labels already chomping at the bit, we are also represented by the top entertainment law firm in the country".

A mind blowing hard rockin'' preview of the cd featuring the song "MIND GO AWAY" can be heard on youtube. This song reminds me of a modern Led Zeppelin meets the Ramones and Van Halen, go fathom that!

"Rick Cortes and Knightskope" will surely be making waves in the near future! Stay tuned...