Expanding Your Business In Asia Just Got Easier With Co-working @ Workcentral.

Workcentral launches co-working facility to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and overseas companies launch their businesses in Asia from Singapore.

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Expanding Your Business In Asia Just Got Easier With Co-working @ Workcentral.

Workcentral launches co-working facility to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and overseas companies launch their businesses in Asia from Singapore. Squeezed by high rentals, entrepreneurs and independent professionals are turning in droves to co-working, shared facilities that let them leverage cost savings and networking opportunities.

SINGAPORE, 9 November 2015: Workcentral is Singapore’s latest co-working facility. Launched in October 2015, Workcentral has already carved out a niche in this competitive field of commercial real estate with office spaces and services that set a new standard in Asia.

General Manager, Chua Soon Tzer said: “Our facilities are fully-equipped, even down to telephone booths, but we have also raised the bar with refreshing and contemporary interiors to serve both established and start-up markets. Our sleek profile will find its mark amongst overseas businesses setting up a local office. At the same time, Workcentral has the warmth and charm to attract the new, solo business people into the slipstream.”

While the appeal is universal, there is a lot of flexibility within Workcentral’s ability and willingness to tailor packages to suit individual needs. Overseas business looking to set up in Singapore will find the co-working option much more cost efficient as they have access to a host of services and facilities of a corporate organisation plus a location in the heart of the city.

As of June 2015, website Tech in Asia counted no less than 38 co-working facilities in Southeast Asia, saying this was likely an “underestimation”. In Singapore alone, a pool of some 20 to 30 facilities come and go, reflecting the high local demand created by rising rental rates, and also the shift towards a less rigid work environment.

Paul Lee, Workcentral’s Chief Executive Officer, has a deeper purpose. He said: “This is also about supporting small-business clients as they strike out for their goals. We want them to succeed. We know that they have to keep their costs low so our pricing is sensitive to their budget. We are looking beyond that – we have our eye on their potential to grow. Our infrastructure of services are built to support this.”

Paul, and brother Mark Lee are the force behind the family business. They want to support talented Singapore-based entrepreneurs and businesses to compete, scale and break into new markets outside of Singapore, based on the firm belief that Singapore’s future success is dependent on this ability to go global.

Workcentral spaces are priced upwards from SG$150 per month, with various option to meet different customer requirements. With a full suite of services and facilities, you could be a newly minted CEO meeting your clients in a classy board room from day one!

Why Workcentral?

1. Prime city office minus the cost

Workcentral is located just 200m from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange. We are the only co-working space provider in this prime location. In a world where corporate image matters, having a business presence right in the heart of Orchard Road can be a game-changer for a businesses' branding and perception. Workcentral is the logical go-to office for businesses whose clients are located in the Central Business District and Orchard areas.

Workcentral Members can choose to work from private suites, private booths or flexible hotdesks.

2. Flex your business muscle at an hourly rate

Workcentral is a great fit for businesses and individuals who choose not to be tied down to long term office leases, yet still need a dedicated office in a central location – at an affordable price.

In order to provide even greater flexibility, Workcentral will be offering a limited number of hourly packages for business people on the go. This package is designed for mobile workers who are moving from one appointment to another and need a place to plug-in during their pockets of downtime. Workcentral is where they can consolidate and send out emails, quotations or reports.

The On-the-go plan is also suitable for people with side businesses outside of their full-time jobs who need a private and professional space to meet clients and work on their projects.

3. Yes, we call this ‘work’

The Workcentral space is hued in a soothing, cool grey palette, and energised with pantone colour accents that anchor and identify the main workspaces. The walls are also animated with graphic art, fun posters and photo art that reflect the company’s ethos of 'everyday creativity and innovation'. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the communal work spaces to great views of the surroundings and plenty of natural sunlight.

Designed to be comfortable, functional and conducive, carpeted flooring in work areas neutralise noise. Ergonomic executive chairs and lounge areas make long hours fly by. The hot desks are arranged in opposed rows, allowing teams to sit together and communicate easily. The three meeting rooms and one boardroom are fitted out smartly with UHD LED displays, projectors and teleconferencing equipment.

4. At home in the office

Special care has been paid to creating two unique environments in Workcentral - the "focused office" and the "living rooms”- so that members have different places to accommodate their different moods. On most days you may prefer to work in a cool office environment, but on others, you may like to work in a cosier space reminiscent of home - Workcentral has both. The East and West Wings and Central Suites are designed to be the 'focused office', where members get serious work done in a corporate setting. If you want a more casual and intimate space, then switch over to the Brew House and Reading Room for a change of pace. Here you will find two and three seater couches and bar counter work stations that help you relax and regain lost concentration.

Workcentral is designed to be open and communal, recognising the importance of connecting and collaborating with others to accomplish more. That is why there are gathering spaces across all the rooms for informal encounters and conversations. At the same time, we acknowledge different preferences for background noise and privacy, hence a deliberate and differentiated room sizing with private suites available for small teams. We want our members to find their own personal space, even as they enjoy the possibilities of a communal work environment.

5. Service

Our concierge service welcomes guests, provide mail and call handling services to all our members. We know that reliable and high-speed internet, meeting rooms and coffee are mainstays of any good workspace, but that is just the beginning. We’ve lined up a selection of useful service providers and business partners, and will continue to find more and relevant resources to support your work and business needs. We want you to focus on what’s important to your business, and leave the rest to us.

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