Angels Like Rebels Wants to Change the Music Industry

Upstart record label, Angels Like Rebels, has launched it's new music platform which is a mix of crowd-funding, fan investor, and record label.

Online PR News – 08-November-2015 – New York – NEW YORK – Nov. 8, 2015 – Angels Like Rebels, is a newly launched record label that has opened up it’s digital doors with 22 new artists on it’s website, Each artist on the label is trying to raise $200,000 dollars in crowd-funding over the next 14 days. If an artist reaches the funding, the artist gets to keep the raised money and joins Angels Like Rebels for a 3 year recording contract.

The basis of the record label is a mix between crowd funding, traditional record label, and new record label. Essentially the label is letting the fans decide which artist(s) gets to put out music. It is all in the broken down in the name, Angels Like Rebels.

Angels, is the fans, as they are the ‘angel investors’ of these artists, and Rebels is for the kids who put this business model together. They wanted to bring a rebellion against the current norms in the music industry.

Alexander Volgin, who is the founder of the company told The Source Magazine, “There is wide support for our cause among artists and fans who are not satisfied with how the music industry treats people who create music,” Volgin continued, “We are rebels, and our main goal is to empower artists.”

Volgin has a unique and future thinking idea with his new company, and at 20 years old, he isn’t even old enough to drink liquor. His vision is also to put the best musicians in the world on his label which he calls a ‘platform.’ The platform enables the artist the chance to get funded, and put out music.

Alex and his team of friends and are co-workers are all mostly in their young 20s, and have an understand of the music industries target market because they are that market themselves. They are all fans of music, and they held to auditions across the country in cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Boston Chicago, Nashville, and New York to find the talent that is now live on their website. They saw over 600 artists in total.

The idea is simple, get the best and most talented musicians they can find, and put them in front of an audience. That audience can turn into fans, and buy material from the artist right there to support them. The packages that fans can buy start at $6 dollars and go all the way up to the unbelievable amount of $19,000.00 dollars.

Fans who purchase any of these packages become not just an investor, but they also own a type of ‘stock’ in this artist that is paid back to them in royalties after the 3 years is up. This is considering that the artist reaches the initial goal of $200,000.00 or more.

In an interview with Start Up Dope, Casey Eichner, the vice-president of business development for Angels Like Rebels wanted to reaffirm the point of finding the best telling, his quote “It is about the music so we wanted to find the best, unsigned musicians. It was an important part of the process, and our lineup of musicians on this first round of funding is just filled with great artists.”

Publicist Michael Bentley, who has a successful 15 years in the music industry, has been working with the company for since the beginning, and he issued the following quote to the Charlotte Sun Times, “This is giving the fans a chance to invest in artist that they believe in, then promote those artists, and then get a return on that investment. The idea in itself is groundbreaking, and these first 22 artists are all super talented. The idea was giant, but now as a full, running business, this is a game changer!”

The list of artists goes across the board from Pop, Rap, Rock, to niche genres like Alternative Soul Pop, Opera-Chic, Avant-Garde Pop, Dance, to Comedic Pop and Nerd Pop and even includes an artist that does, “Powerful Inspiring Storytellin.” It seems like Angels Like Rebels has something for every music fan and channel on it’s website so head over to Angels Like Rebels and find your new favorite artist.