New Book Untangles Complicated Transfer Process from a CA Community College to a UC

Aims at helping students from all demographics successfully transfer to the University of California

Online PR News – 08-November-2015 – San Mateo, CA – The University of California is known for its complicated transfer process, the rules of which vary across all UC platforms and departments. This confusion has a profound impact on students attempting to transfer, especially those from lower income areas. How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College: The Unofficial Guide is a step-by-step compilation of best practices, making it easier for students, parents, and advisors to work together for one successful result: transferring more students to the UCs.

After repeatedly seeing disheartened students failing to make the cut because of a missing or wrongly executed item in the UC application, former journalist and UC Berkeley grad Lindy King spent one year researching everything about the transfer process prior to writing the book.

“I’m a strong advocate of the community college system and was dismayed to see how the CCC-to-UC process was not working as effectively as it could. My question was, why is the necessary information scattered all over the map? Why must people spend hours online looking for answers? I decided I wanted to create a comprehensive and reputable source that had all the information in one place.”

Because of budget cuts, King notes advisors have limited time with students, and often limited resources, so it’s crucial students pro-actively make the most of their allotted time for the best possible outcome. Going into meetings with the right questions and with a better idea of their intended path not only helps the advisor but can prevent future debilitating errors.

How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College: The Unofficial Guide covers virtually every aspect of the transfer process and helps level the playing field for all applicants. It has 46 chapters, an extensive Q&A, nine appendices, plus plenty of links. Its user-friendly lay-out allows readers to proceed in linear fashion, or search just the areas they need.

A selection of topics include: fulfilling major requirements; general education paths; guaranteed admission to six UCs; priority consideration to UCLA; resolving bad grades; AP credit; unit calculations; course sequencing; one-year transfers; UC-UC, out of state and international transfers; provisional contracts; waitlists and appeals.

CA College Transfer, located in the bay area, offers guidance in all areas of the UC application, with special emphasis on major course fulfillment across multiple UCs, community college schedule management, and personal statements.

How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College: The Unofficial Guide is available on Amazon and iTunes. Hi-res photos available at