Announces Author’s Own Tournament Results

Roseanna Leaton, author of, announces how she put these golf hypnosis mp3s to the test in a three round club championship tournament against tough competition.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – Douglas, Isle of Man 27th September 2010 today announced that Roseanna Leaton, golf hypnosis expert and avid golfer, competed in a three day, fifty four hole, club championship tournament at Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club in California against massive opposition. Despite the strength of the opposition, Roseanna spent much of the tournament in the lead.

Roseanna has never played in this type of three day tournament before and had only just returned to California a few weeks prior to this event. She is also a relative newcomer to this club. The GolferWithin team decided that this was a great opportunity to test how well a less experienced golfer could use the power of their mind to compete against players who had more experience, better technique and lower handicaps.

To Roseanna's surprise she was in the lead after the first round. As Roseanna says "When I signed up for this competition I had no expectation of winning, but I did want to do my very best. I recognized that my greatest strength in golf is my own mind and so I set out to use it to my best advantage. I made a commitment to myself to focus clearly on every shot, make good shot choices and to commit fully to that shot. Using the GolferWithin techniques I managed to find myself still in the lead after the second round. I was amazed. I was playing against three and five time winners and girls who play tournaments on a regular basis. Kathy, who eventually won by just one stroke, has been a member of this club for nearly thirty years and knows every nuance of the course. She is a fabulous golfer and truly deserved to win. I'm sure a lot of people were surprised at how I had managed to get my name anywhere on that leader board amongst that quality of golfing competition".

The GolferWithin golf hypnosis cds and mp3 downloads utilize the most powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to access the golfer's subconscious mind and thus their automatic thought processes. They are used by amateurs and professional alike. It is readily agreed by the professionals that 90% of great golf is in the mind and so the GolferWithin recordings are an incredibly powerful way of making a major impact upon your golf game, as is clearly demonstrated by Roseanna Leaton herself in this recent tournament. Anyone can achieve this powerful golf mindset simply by listening to these golf hypnosis cds or hypnosis mp3 downloads.

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