Available Fertility Treatments at New Clinic in Maine

BostonIVF’s fertility center in Maine is holding an event on October 10, 2010 for educating people on their available fertility treatments in the region. The advanced IVF procedures that New England fertility doctors use offers a higher degree of control when it comes to injecting the sperm which translates into higher success rates for pregnancy..

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – Waltham, MA - September 25, 2010 - People dealing with infertility face lots of worries, but now there is a fertility clinic to get a comprehensive guide to nearly every facet of infertility treatment. IVF treatment in Portland, Maine, has not only state-of-the art reproductive science procedures but also cost effective services. Maine fertility treatment services and the New Hampshire office broadens the additional fertility centers in New England to better serve the region.

Boston IVF's reproductive endocrinologists will be available in person, at the Portland, Maine fertility clinic, to respond to requests on October 14, 2010 regarding the provided fertility treatments which are some of the most up-to-date techniques being used today for men, women and couples who are experiencing difficulties with pregnancy.

According to 2007 CDC statistics, in vitro fertilization presents an average pregnancy percentage of 35-percent; Boston IVF's average pregnancy rate is 54 percent). Notwithstanding the fact that IUI is not as pricey, it gives you only a 10% to15% pregnancy rate. IVF decreases multiples through elective single embryo transfer, the procedure whereby an individual embryo is transferred at a time. On the other hand, medication used with IUI brings about numerous eggs to mature, growing the incidence of multiples.

Inexpensive IVF in Maine is provided by Boston IVF which is one of the leading fertility treatment centers in the nation with an impeccable record of success rates. Boston IVF is staffed with some of top reproductive fertilty doctors and is among the best in vitro fertilization clinics in the country.

All the necessary information a patient will need will be available so it can be a simple and worthwhile experience similar to what a large majority of their patients have experienced. The IVF fertility center in Maine will also offer you a comprehensive consultation on the artificial reproduction techniques that are best appropriate for you.

Within the same clinic are additional services such as egg donation, along with the qualified expert staff and expert infertility doctors consisting of embryologists, gynecologists, and reproductive endocrinologists.

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