Monthly Oil/SA Consulting Offers O&G Investments For Qualified Investors

Monthly Oil/SA Consulting offers O&G Investments and that means Qualified Investors get more O&G investment options sooner. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting is noted for being a top agent for Oil and Gas Investments for Qualified Investors.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – Dallas, TX - Qualified Investors searching for O&G investments are discovering Monthly Oil/SA Consulting. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting has a strong reputation for delivering O&G investments their customers appreciate. Leading their industry in service and quality makes a huge difference to their clients. The company is a noted agent for O&G investments and well respected for oil and gas investments. International oil and gas projects are increasingly attractive as oil and gas demand continues to increase. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting is also known for oil and gas investment options in the $25,000-$250,000 range. For additional information Qualified investors are invited to visit the company web site at

The company specializes in matching Qualified Investors to the right international oil and gas investment projects. The best oil and gas projects can be difiecult to identify and finding the right partners can be even more challenging. With years of experience in the oil and gas industry companies and investors rely on Monthly Oil to make the right matches. Monthly Oil matches investors to oil exploration and production companies that have a record for success. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting demonstrates O&G Investments for Qualified Investors. It takes experience to identify the best opportunities in oil and gas. There are hugh opportunities in oil and gas for Qualified Investors looking for projects in the $25,000 to $250,000 range. Qualified Investors looking for oil and gas investment options in the $25,000-$250,000 range have a reliable source, Monthly Oil. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting produces O&G investments for Qualified Investors.

About Monthly Oil/SA Consulting
Monthly Oil is a consulting organization that locates top oil and gas opportunities for qualified investors. With broad drilling and exploration contacts around the world, years of experience and a solid reputation for matching investors at all levels to top oil and gas projects, Monthly Oil excels at bringing knowledgeable investors and reputable exploration companies together for mutually beneficial relationships. Monthly Oil builds profitable relationships between qualified investors and operating company projects. The objective is to match knowledgeable investors to projects that meet their investment objectives. Monthly Oil/SA Consulting delivers O&G investments for Qualified Investors.

Forward-looking statements and other information contained herein concerning the oil and gas industry and Monthly Oil's general expectations concerning this industry are based on estimates prepared by management using data from publicly available industry sources as well as from reserve reports, market research and industry analysis and on assumptions based on data and knowledge of this industry which Monthly Oil believes to be reasonable. However, this data is inherently imprecise, although generally indicative of relative market positions, market shares and performance characteristics. While Monthly Oil is not aware of any misstatements regarding any industry data presented herein, the industry involves risks and uncertainties and is subject to change based on various factors.

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