Get Thee Behind Me Debt Challenge

Personal Finances Educator announces Get Thee Behind Me Debt Challenge for The Body of Christ.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – You get up Sunday morning, put on your best outfit and prepare for church. It's a common enough routine in many Christian households. As you go through your checklist, you come to the part where you decide how much you're giving for tithes and offerings.

Tithing you say? I can hear the crickets chirping as you pause while reading this. Today’s economic climate has many Christians robbing Peter to pay Paul to make ends meet. Churches are feeling the crunch, denying people who ask for financial assistance. So what do you do? Has Christ turned his back on you? The issue at the end of the day is knowing how to manage money – STEWARDSHIP!

That's where Dr. Taffy Wagner comes in with the Get Thee Behind Me Debt Challenge. Get Thee Behind Me Debt Challenge is a four week course designed to provide financial education to Christians ready to take BACK control of their money. Participants will be in a weekly live teleseminar with Dr. Wagner, including assignments with personalized feedback. Wagner states, “We spend money on things over and over that don’t impact our lives. It’s time to get into the habit of investing in ourselves knowing the return will keep on giving.”

What does this four week course cost? 200, $300 or more dollars? NO! Only $5 a week (for a total of $20 over a 4 week period). That's right. Read it again. Dr. Wagner was one of those Christians that was Broke in The Body of Christ and got SICK and TIRED of being sick and tired while being in debt, living in lack and not having enough. Like many Christians she turned to the church for guidance. It didn't work.

In recent radio interviews, dozens of listeners stated the Church is keeping Christians uneducated when it comes to money. In many congregations, the Church is not equipped to teach stewardship, money management, or recommend resources.

Get Thee Behind Me Debt Challenge is limited to 25 participants in order to give them one-on-one attention during the time of this class. Class begins on October 5th at 11am EST. Reserve your spot today at

About Taffy Wagner, DMin and Certified Educator in Personal Finances

Dr. Wagner has been interviewed by AOL Black Voices, The Associated Press, US News and World Reports and Called Magazine regarding money and marriage, has been quoted in Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine and Woman’s Day regarding personal finances.
She provides one-on-one counseling, conducts seminars for individuals, engaged couples and married couples. Dr. Wagner is available to speak at seminars, conferences and small groups. You can contact her through her site at