Care Cleaning Protection Keeps it Clean with Restroom Supplies

Care Cleaning Protection offers quality restroom supplies ideal for use in home, school, office, restaurants, business, and industrial use.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – Restroom supplies are now being offered by Care Clean Protection to provide optimum hygiene care for users. The company has a wide range of restroom supplies from restroom tissues, rolled and folded towels to restroom tissue holders, restroom soap, restroom electric hand dryer, toilet seat covers and toilet set cover dispensers, restroom baby products, feminine hygiene, air care, and restroom miscellaneous products.

The restroom tissues are available in coreless rolls, facial tissues, interleave, and standard and jumbo tissue rolls. The coreless roll is a 2-ply tissue and there are 1000 sheets per roll. With its core elimination, it provides less waste. The Compact Coreless Tissue is cost-effective and the high capacity rolls decrease the service intervals and also reduce the risk of running out. It comes in a unique packaging which optimizes storage space and it also reduces waste. It is perectly designed for use in the Compact Coreless Dispensers. The standard roll tissues are available in brands such as Southern Comfort, KC Scott, and KC Kleenex. KC Scott Standard roll tissues are soft and absorbent. It is a two-ply tissue with 605 sheets of tissue per roll. The KC Kleenex tissue is a two-ply tissue which is soft and absorbent and has 506 sheets per roll. The Southern Soft tissue is also a two-ply tissue which is soft and absorbent, and is individually wrapped to provide easy storage.

Care Cleaning Protection offers tissue dispensers form Compact which are attractive and cost-effective, and can even hold up to six times more than the capacity of other standard dispensers to provide reduced risk over run-out. It is designed to hold about 6,000 sheets of one-ply tissue or about 3,000 sheets of one-ply tissue rolls.

Care Cleaning Protection is a company that offers a variety of product solutions used in general wiping, safety cleaning, spill control, as well as restroom and healthcare products. The company offers quality products that are certain to meet the customers’ application needs as well as provide a wide range of product sizes, brands, and packaging to choose from.

Care Cleaning Products offers different products from cleaning supplies, towels and rags, disposable wiping cloths, gloves, restroom supplies, absorbent products, safety products, healthcare products, food service, earth friendly products, floor carpet care, facility maintenance, waste receptacles, storage material handling, and mops, brooms, and brushes.

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