Professional Business Plan Writers & Consultants at 72 Equity Assist With Raising Capital, SEO, SEM

A professional business plan writer that specializes in small business plan services is sometimes the missing link between investors writing a check and entrepreneurs raising money for startups.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – A professional business plan writer that specializes in small business plan services is sometimes the missing link between investors writing a check and entrepreneurs raising money for startups.

Many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies think that by buying a business plan software online and filling in the templates, that is enough to get the attention of an Angel Investor, Venture Capital, Or Private Equity investment into their idea.

Some new startup owners might have real world experience in the new business they want to raise money for, but don't have the operational or financial knowledge to prepare a business plan, marketing plan, private placement memorandum, and, pro-forma forecasts needed to make a quality investor presentation or loan or grant proposal.

72 Equity ( offers both start up small businesses, entrepreneurs, and established companies a one stop service for business plan preparation, idea generation, digital marketing, and consulting on sourcing capital and raising money.

While many other business plan writing services focus on internal MBA's and other business plan writers who may have some financial forecasting savvy, most business plan preparation services and business plan writers do not have real world C-level experience in raising money or running companies.

72 Equity only takes on a select amount of engagement simply because it is not just a boiler shop churning out lookalike business plans. At 72 Equity, its business plan writers are seasoned multi-industry executives who have experience in raising money and running companies.

Media & Entertainment, agribusiness, real estate, film finance, technology, health & wellness, manufacturing, restaurants, fitness, etc. are some of the industries that the professional business plan writers at 72 Equity have real life experience in.

Further, when it comes to raising capital from passive investors under Regulation D, the amount of money saved on securities attorneys is invaluable to entrepreneurs who need a clear road map in complying with both SEC and state securities and blue sky laws.

72 Equity simply guides entrepreneurs with an affordable small business plan writing service that offers a flat fee as well as experienced executive business consulting to make any capital raise a success whether its from banks, loans, credit unions, or grants.

72 Equity's business plan and private placement memorandum (PPM) is essential to starting and operating a company. A plan will assist you in obtaining capital from angel investors, venture capital, fund of funds, and grants, banks, credit unions, and more.

Traditional investments such as real estate and stocks which have historically been considered to be safe are no longer a feasible option for investors so there is a high demand for startups and alternative investments within the private equity, venture capital, and investor communities.

All 72 Equity business plans and private placement memorandums average 35-50 pages that are custom written Business Plans with a comprehensive market research analysis, extensive Excel formatted financial statements, a detailed Investor Return section, and additional in-depth market research. This plan is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking funds from Angel Investors, Venture Capital or want a document to use for internal growth.

All business plans encompasses 20-40 essential sections including these main sections

* Executive Summary
* Investor Return and Financial Overview
* Company Summary
* Products and Services
* Market Segmentation
* Market Summary
* Demographics
* Strategy and Implementation
* SWOT Analysis
* Competitive Landscape
* Industry Analysis
* Web Summary
* Management Summary
* Management Gaps
* Revenue Forecast
* Personnel Forecast
* Income Statement
* Balance Sheet
* Break-Even Analysis
* Best and Worse Case
* Offering With Blue Sky Laws
* Subscription Agreement
* Operating Agreements
* Investor Suitability Questionnaire

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