Internet Kiosk Software for Mac Upgraded

The maker of the eCrisper Kiosk software announced the release of eCrisper 1.1, a solution for Mac based Internet kiosks.

Online PR News – 24-September-2010 – – eCrisper is intended to turn Mac computers into secure public access kiosks. It provides organizations such as libraries, schools, and museums the option to display specific websites. It can also be used for Internet kiosks by hotels an cyber cafes either with free access or using pre-paid accounts .

"The unique option to divide the screen into 5 areas has proven very popular. It allows kiosk owners the option to display up to 5 different websites including daily activities, birthdays, weather forecast, etc... "

"The gorgeous all-in-one iMac makes a great kiosk but the combination of Mac mini and large HDTV has also proven to be a very popular solution."

You can find more information about the product at eCrisper website. Articles with useful information is posted on the website Blog.

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