Chefs' Top Cooking Technique, Now Being Revealed by Home Cooks!

Cookcision has released an ecookbook for utilizing sous vide devices that is a growing trend designed for home cook enthusiasts.

Online PR News – 24-October-2015 – Houston /TX – The idea came about after the company noticed bits and pieces of information scattered around the internet. Physical cookbooks focused on sous vide required a significant money investment for those who were curious, and online ecookbooks on sous vide had very little material. Cookcision main focus was to provide an informational ebook for an affordable price ($4.99).

The ecookbook Cookcision has developed, covers an introduction to sous vide, how to guide, benefits, and recipes to get home cooks started. The book hopes to give the home cook an idea of just how world renown chefs have been making food, and how easily accessible it is for home cooks to replicate the technique in their own kitchen, by learning how to produce precise results with little effort.

“Sous vide has been a long kept secret in the cooking world that chefs would charge premium price for,” Lester Hairston CEO of Cookcision said, “Technology is evolving. The barrier of entry to cooking sous vide is lower and we want to make the process much easier for newcomers and experienced cooks to join.”

The ecookbook “Sous Vide: The Home Cook’s Guide to Sous Vide + Recipes” can be found on