Herbal Remedy Helps Women with Fallopian Tube Blockage Get Rid of the Risk of Surgery

Herbal remedy has been shown effective to treat fallopian tube blockage, states Wuhan Dr Lee’s TCM Clinic, which helps patients get rid of the risk of surgery.

Online PR News – 22-October-2015 – NY, US – Fallopian tube blockage accounts for about 32 percent of all cases of infertility in women, according to the new data of WHO released on 24th March, 2015. Recently, herbal remedy has been proven effective on treating this condition which helps women get rid of the risk of surgery. Among them, the most famous one is named Fuyan Pill.

A fallopian tube blockage typically prevents successful passage of the egg to the sperm, or the fertilized egg to the uterus. In western medicine, if you have problems with your fallopian tubes, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct the damage or unblock the tubes. If the surgery is unsuccessful but the patient still wishes to conceive, Western medicine will refer her to an infertility clinic for IVF (in vitro fertilization) usually.

However, as we all know, surgery can cause damage to some extent and the successful rate of IVF is very low. This has been considered a tough issue on medical field for a long time. Fortunately, Fuyan Pill appears, it is a kind of herbal therapy through years of research of famous Chinese herbalist Dr. Lee. It has been proven effective on treating fallopian tube blockage based on lots of clinical cases.

Ms. Victoria, 32 years old, from the United Kingdom, had an ectopic pregnancy two and a half years ago. She can only have her left fallopian tube removed at that time. However, she had problem getting pregnant since that surgery. Finally, she was diagnosed to have blockage on the right fallopian tube. She didn’t want to take the second surgery on fallopian tube. Fortunately, after taking 3 courses of Fuyan Pill, her fallopian tube was unblocked successfully. "Sincerely, I’m so grateful to Dr. Lee. I would not have got pregnant without her herbal remedy. It helps me get rid of the risk of surgery," says Victoria.

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The general idea of the Chinese herbs is that if they can reduce the leftovers which cause irritation and inflammation within the fallopian tubes, they can then be flushed out and allow for proper functioning again. Besides, there are active substances within these herbs that specifically break down various adhesions or plugs. Typically the herbs are taken by drinking the mixture in tea, or swallowing a pill with a meal. Once the herbs are ingested, they make their way to the swollen and irritated areas and begin to break down the irritations.

Among all the Chinese herbal remedies on curing fallopian tubes’ problem, Fuyan Pill is the most famous one which is just composed of over 50 kinds of herbs, including red flower, radix bupleuri, liquorice, etc. The herbs applied in the pill will be targeted to the area of the tube that is blocked, and reduce adhesions, relax spasms of the tubes, and decrease the mucus secretions within the tubes. Your particular formula will be individualized and tailored to the exact condition so as to dispel the swollen areas and help eliminate the irritation.

In fact, many researches in China before have shown encouraging results using Chinese herbs to treat blocked fallopian tubes and restore fertility. With success of the Nobel Prize winner Tu youyou, Chinese herbal remedy has aroused public's attention again. And Fuyan Pill, as a kind of herbal remedy, has helped thousands of women with fallopian tube blockage and other gynecological disorders get a cure for a long time.

About Dr. Lee Xiaoping and Fuyan Pill:
Dr. Lee Xiaoping graduated from Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She qualified as an herbalist 30 years ago and is a highly experienced medical professional. She has devoted 30 years to Wuhan Dr Lee's TCM Clinic and worked on the formula of Fuyan Pill for years. The formula is patented by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C) with the application number 201110031968.