Recognized for its innovation to the Apparel and Luxury Retail industry: Digitalizing store processes to inventory and localize items in real-time

Online PR News – 22-October-2015 – Marseille, France – TAGSYS RFID, the leading provider of item-level inventory management systems that streamline the supply chain, was granted by the French National RFID Center (CNRFID) the prestigious 2015 Best RFID Technological Innovation Award for its 3D Digital Store Platform, a unique patented system able to provide real-time hands-off inventory of all items on the sales floor and to geo-localize them, enabling the digitalization of the store processes.

This innovative project is the result of a $32M groundbreaking global collaborative RFID research program called SPINNAKER, launched in 2012, led by TAGSYS and sponsored by French public entity OSEO, whose mission is to finance the best, most promising innovation initiatives.

Focusing on the Apparel Retail industry, TAGSYS’ innovative 3D Digital Store Platform aims at virtualizing the retail store, therefore enabling up to 15% savings in checking/checkout processes, markdown, merchandising, sizing, shoe pairing, inventory and back to front replenishments, as well as enhancing the customer experience. The innovation for the retail store has been guided by an

‘It’s exciting to be recognized by CNRFID with the industry’s best technological innovation’ said Alain Fanet, CEO TAGSYS. ‘Thanks to the guidance of the SPINNAKER Advisory Council located in NYC and gathering some of the largest retail and brand groups, we were able to design an innovative retail store platform cleverly combining discreet hardware equipment, cloud-based software and business intelligence applications for real-time actionable business data using mobile and tablets connected anywhere.’

TAGSYS’ solutions are flexible, scalable and easy to deploy, enabling rapid time to value. Luxury retailers and brands around the globe rely on TAGSYS to gain unprecedented inventory visibility throughout their supply chain, from manufacturing through distribution and the stores. With over 15 years of dedicated RFID experience and innovation, TAGSYS is helping companies achieve their strategic omnichannel objectives, drive efficiencies, increase sales, create new service opportunities and improve customer satisfaction.

The CNRFID was created by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment to help in the development of RFID and NFC technology and to increase its usage in order to help both RFID solutions suppliers and RFID users. It aims at encouraging networking, solutions deployment and partnerships between providers, users, research laboratories and institutions. www.centrenational-rfid.com. Each year in the fall, CNRFID hosts the International Congress dedicated to smart objects in Industry, Retail, Healthcare and Smart Cities. The event brings together industry and retail leaders (R&D Departments, IT Departments, Project Managers, etc.), healthcare professionals (healthcare executives, pharmacists, physicians, etc.), policymakers for public spending (mayors, deputies, councilors, department managers, technical service managers, etc.), RFID/NFC solution providers and laboratory / university researchers for two days of international lectures, demonstrations of RFID/NFC applications and business meetings. One of the highlights is the RFID Awards.