611 Development, Inc. Launches in San Diego, California

Luxury Redevelopment Firm Announces Initial Projects in Point Loma

Online PR News – 22-October-2015 – California – 611 Development has recently announced they have begun development of their initial project in the affluent community of Point Loma in San Diego County. Located on Gage Drive, the property is slated for redevelopment and will soon feature two luxury homes built from the ground up.

A luxury boutique company, 611 Development is the offspring of local, family-owned business Shea Real Estate & Investment Group. While 611 Development will remain closely managed by its parent company, it will focus on building and remodeling luxury properties and provide a more authentic San Diego experience to its clients.

When asked exactly how 611 Development differs from Shea Real Estate, company representative and co-owner Kari Shea explains that, "over the past several years we've sold well over one hundred homes within San Diego County," "The transactions gave us the opportunity to speak with thousands of people and discover exactly what they want and what they do not want in the homes. We're dedicated to proving San Diego homeowners what they desire in a home."

"Every project that we undertake is given thoughtful consideration from its conceptual design to its final layout and exclusive amenities." Kari points out, "We're committed to creating homes that are in sync with the San Diego lifestyle, as well as, being eco-friendly. Our projects take advantage of outdoor space, are designed to welcome, entertain and live without constraints. We're taking advantage of the Southern California sunlight by maximizing the use of open space and natural light."

When asked what makes 611 Development homes different from other properties out on the market, Kari emphasizes that form and functionality are their top priority. "The detail and layout of our homes are extremely important. Providing people with a home that is innovative and functional along with beauty and warmth matters to us. All of ours homes will be energy efficient and designed to conserve electricity and water. You can expect ample home technology solutions. Homeowners will have access to smart homes with a reduced carbon footprint."

Some of the other features and amenities that we can look forward to with each new 611 Development home are downstairs bedrooms with direct access to private outdoor space; kitchens and great rooms that are clean-lined and deliver a fresh, open feeling through floor to ceiling windows. Conveniently located, upstairs laundry chutes are also included, making it easier to send clothes and linens down to ground floor laundry rooms.

The two renovations in Point Loma are estimated to be complete Summer 2016 with other projects being developed. For more information on 611 Development, please send an email to connect@611development.com

611 Development, Inc. is a luxury real estate development boutique firm headquartered in sunny San Diego, California! A local, family-owned business, 611 Development, Inc. focuses on building and remodeling luxury properties that provide an authentic San Diego experience to its clients. For more information, please visit: http://www.611development.com