Closed Sessions: A New Model for Record Making

Closes sessions specialized on make new model for record making, marketing, digital music distributing, experiencing which creates a new trend in music record and original songs are created on the spot at Chicago's recording studios.

Online PR News – 25-September-2010 – – Chicago, Illinois, 20th August, 2010: Closed Sessions, LLC is not just a new record label, it is a new model for record making , marketing, distributing, and experiencing. The Chicago based company was established in the summer of 2009, and represents a partnership between leaders in Chicago’s Online Marketing, New Media, and Recording industries. Each Closed Session release represents a coming together of highly talented artists and producers from across the country.

The Closed Sessions Process:
Closed Sessions works with a variety of talented producers. The producers supply Closed Sessions with original and high quality production, which Closed Sessions stores in its catalog at SoundScape Studios. When a participating artist comes to Chicago, they are taken to SoundScape Studios with RubyHornet’s full video team. The atmosphere at the studio is made to fit their needs, and they are supplied with whatever they need to create. Once they are comfortable, they are able to cycle through the Closed Sessions catalog and pick the beat of their choice. Once they have chosen their beat, they are left to do what they do, make great music. The full session is videotaped and photographed, giving fans a candid look into the recording habits of Hip Hop’s top artists, as well as providing them with new and high quality music from their favorite artists. Not only that, but each Closed Sessions features Closed Sessions participants working with other artists and producers they may have not previously met, and may not normally work with. The majority Closed Sessions participating artists are provided with a number of additional experiences including, but not limited to, a concert or party organized in part by RubyHornet, as well as a tour of the city in which artists are taken to various cultural hotspots introduced to Chicago’s industry players and personalities. Their full time in Chicago works to influence their mood and consequently their song.

The finished song and video are released virally via and reposted throughout the web by other leading music and culture websites. The songs are released individually, as well as collectively via multi-media EPs that include music, videos, photos, and stories all focusing on the Closed Sessions experience.

Closed Sessions Vol. 1:
Since conducting the first Closed Session with New Orleans’ recording artist Curren$y, artists such as Amanda Diva, Kidz In The Hall, Tanya Morgan, U-N-I, Bun B, Donnis, Rhymefest, Skyzoo, Little Brother, and others have participated. The first Closed Sessions EP will be released in early 2010. The EP will contain 9 songs, and will be distributed digitally as a free download.

The New Model:
Closed Sessions, LLC is primed for success in the music industry because of the factors explained in the paragraphs above. It offers upcoming as well as established producers a new channel for their music. It offers artists a chance to create without any of the headaches involved in reserving studio time, finding producers and purchasing their music, as well as getting their music out to the public. Through RubyHornet, their music is promoted and spread, while the artist is also given promotional photos, videos, and a platform to perform. Through partnerships with leading music licensors, Closed Sessions is also able to provide artists with a new revenue channel. All this is given to an artist all for doing what they do, create great music.

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