Bluefield Partners: $48 – 52 Range For Ferrari IPO Stock . . .

Bluefield Partners says it has informed its clients of their likely allocation of Ferrari stock ahead of the IPO.

Online PR News – 22-October-2015 – Shenzhen Guangdong, China – Bluefield Partners, the Shenzhen, China-headquartered broker-dealer and investment manager says it has informed clients of their allocation of the 17.2 million shares being sold in the world’s most evocative automotive marque, Ferrari.

After much intense debate on the likely value of the Maranello-based sports car maker, the IPO is being priced in a range between $48 and $52. At the midpoint of $50, Ferrari’s owners, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) would raise $860 million effectively valuing the company at close to $10 billion.

Naveen Chawla, Head of Equity Sales at Bluefield Partners said that although the IPO won’t be the largest of 2015, it will almost certainly be the most eagerly awaited and most glamorous. “Ferrari is simply the most recognized automotive brand in the world. It’s the Armani of motoring and although most of us are unable to own the cars, the chance to share in the allure of the marque is a huge draw,” he explained.

Bluefield Partners were inundated with inquiries from enthusiastic would-be Ferrari stockholders when it announced in March that it would be securing a tranche of stock for clients through an informal arrangement once the various underwriters were revealed to the public.

Bluefield Partners says there will be “an inevitable mark-up” on the stock which reflects the lead underwriter’s “expenses” and its own costs but it has assured clients that, with the stock likely to surge strongly when it debuts on Wednesday 21st October, there will be ample opportunity to realize a quick profit.

“We’d like to think that clients will hold on to the stock for the long-term but if there’s a profit to be realized, we wouldn’t blame them for selling on the initial pop,” said Chawla.

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