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10/22/2015 has endeavored to innovate while utilizing the fundamental technologies and sciences of immediate value.

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October, 21th, 2015, PLACE: Edison’s electric bulb offered to lit up the life at night and then after refinements continued in a dynamic manner; the objective being the better outputs and recently the lesser power consumption! The latter dimension has emerged vital in the current scenario when the cost of electricity production is getting buoyant every year. Moreover, while the production resource’ utilization is getting optimized, wider social geographies still wait to see the ‘light’ dream come true to their life and ambiences.

Innovative technologies are being experimented and tested for commercial replication; however, only fewer have stood the tests and rigors. Solar power is one such choice and LEDs are other end applications that offer good potentials. Firms like have developed fine tech expertise to make out the synergisms of solar power and LEDs and they are currently offering very innovative yet cost effective products such as solar powered lanterns, solar cell phone charger and lamps. To reach out to their products’ showcase online, visit their interactive web portal at: greenlightplanet

In the wake of electricity diversification getting strangled due to cost overruns and resource scarcity, solar power offers the better and cleaner solution. However, the ability to harness the same gainfully without making the cost spillovers is possessed only by few. has that expertise and entrepreneurship too so that fast replication of the best products is done. Their products have therefore captured the market at a fast speed because of the simpler make that offer durability, long life and sturdiness. These attributes ensure full value for the customer.

An official spokesperson of replied to the journalists along the sidelines of a renewable energy summit that was held in New Delhi last year. The summit saw participation of the intellectuals and academicians in the solar energy and wind power and also leading firms engaged in the production of domestic and industrial products of direct use. The spokesperson stated, “ has been now engaged in the new range of products like solar cellphone charger in order to respond to the emergent needs of social economies in countries like India where the telecom revolution is expanding very fast! The rural populace are finding difficult to move to the next development echelons without the fundamental tech like smart communication! We are bridging the gap for them and our products are very cost effective so that no hidden aberration is offered in the deeper penetration. Our solar power phone charger has become an instant hit! We would continue to deliver the innovations.” is responding towards the basal demands through their expertise that is molded into simple to operate economical consoles. They are now engaged in the development of multipurpose products.

The spokesperson also stated, “ is working out broader systems that are aimed at synergizing rural economy at the villages. We are in the design and testing stage and novel ranges of solar powered lanterns and phone charging systems would be put up shortly!” is a company defined by its innovative value. To have complete information of this banner visit the interactive online portal at: .

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