'Mira' Production Designer Yihong Ding Prepares for Several New Projects

After wrapping production on the highly anticipated film "Mira," production designer Yihong Ding prepares to design the film "Rodeo"

Online PR News – 21-October-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Production designer Yihong Ding, who recently finished working as the production designer on Amanda Tasse's highly anticipated dramatic film "Mira," is slated to production design the upcoming film "Rodeo."

"Mira" director Amanda Tasse ("Moon Tango," "Rain Reflection," "The Reality Check") says, "I originally hired Yihong Ding based on her evocative portfolio of prior work… After having worked together, I can attest that Yihong Ding has an exceptional creative eye, a great attention to detail, a friendly attitude, and an ability to design visually strong cinematic environments within the parameters of varied budgets."

Ding's next project, "Rodeo," is slated to begin filming in December and revolves around the story of a man who lives alone in an apartment where he reenacts stunts from his long passed glory days in the rodeo. After sustaining a nearly fatal head injury during the height of his career and is subsequently ousted from the ranch and rodeo life, he is left with little money and only memories to hold on to.

The film will be directed by Stephen Phillips ("The Lovemakers") and produced by Sarah Kambara whose credits in the industry include "Big Hero 6," "Jinxy Jenkins, Luck You," and "The Prize Inside."

Ding, who says the film is, "a story about memory loss, regret and the struggle to find inner peace," has already begun the preproduction process of scouting locations for the film.


Ding is also scheduled to production design the upcoming sci-fi feature film "The Disconnect" with director Max Minkowitz ("Displacement") and producer Nate Jaxon ("The Letters," "It Was Me," "Mercantile"), which will begin filming in February. While the cast of the film has yet to be announced, we can tell you that the story for the upcoming film is set in a futuristic dystopian world and revolves around a man who, after being contracted to create an app for a notoriously evil company, falls in love with the android he's created.

"It will be a very interesting project with a lot of visual effects. The app that the main character is designing will be done with VFX and I am looking forward to designing the app and collaborating with the VFX artists," says Ding.

Earlier this year Ding production designed Xu Fang Ting's sci-fi film "To See the Sunrise," which is currently in post-production, and centers on two young girls who hatch a plan to escape the futuristic totalitarian society in which they live. "To See the Sunrise" offers audiences a tale full of twists that they will never see coming with the majority of the film taking place in an underground control room that Ding designed.

In order to heighten the tension of the girls' struggle to escape their subjugated reality in "To See the Sunrise," Ding says, "I decided to give the film a dirty sci-fi style with a grey-colored room that gives an overall feeling of claustrophobia."

As a production designer, she is incredibly passionate about using color in order to paint the story that the characters are involved in on a visual level.

She explains, "I've always found that color plays a huge role in my design process. When I was designing 'Mal de Ojo,' I used the color red as the element to indicate that the character is transforming in some way."

In the film "Mal de Ojo" directed by Solange Morales, the world of young Lorna gets turned upside down when her Peruvian grandmother travels to live with her and her parents in US. With clashing views about life and culture, Lorna and her grandmother get into a massive fight during the climax of the film. Ding set the tone of stress and alarm that existed between the two characters by gradually incorporating elements of the color red into the scene whenever Lorna's grandmother entered a space where Lorna was.

While Yihong Ding is known throughout the industry for her unique and visionary approach to her work as a production designer with some of her other past credits including the films "Like Son, Like Father," "Second Love," "Maria Bonita," the documentary "Getaway Special - Into The Auto City" and the series "Adoption," she is also a highly skilled art director. In addition to art directing Henri Charr's documentary film "A Man Before His Time" and multi-award winning director Ryan Velasquez's film "Drowning," Ding recently worked as the art director on the upcoming comedy series "Chasing the Dream" with production designer Yikai Wang ("High Tide," "Born to Die," "Onkar," The Men of Santa Muerte").

About art directing the show, which is slated to air on QQ.com in February, Ding explains, "People think that comedy is easy, but it’s actually pretty hard, especially for props because most of the items you use for the actors and set decorations are often particular items and without them the scenes won’t be funny. On top of that, the decoration should generally maintain a warm and happy color. We had to be very creative with a lot of the stuff on this show."

From art directing to production design Yihong Ding has proven she knows how to make a production shine visually. Make sure to keep your eyes out for the release of the upcoming films "Mira," and "Rodeo."