REO Capital Enters Legal Action Against Nazca Global Ltd

Nazca Global ltd & Nazca Global LLC has breached the REO Capital Contract - Legal Proceedings are pending!

Online PR News – 21-October-2015 – Detroit, Michigan – A Breach of Contract Lawsuit will be filed in 36th District Court, Detroit Michigan by REO Capital, LLC against Nazca Global, LLC & Nazca Global Ltd. Nazca Global Ltd also goes by the name Nazca Emprendimento Mexico, S.A.P.I DE C.V.

For Institutional investors considering Investing in Nazca Ventures MX-A Fund – Nazca Global Ltd, Nazca Global LLC these investors should be aware when conducting their Due Diligence on Nazca Ventures MXA fund that the General Partners of Nazca Global Ltd & Nazca Global LLC have Defaulted on the REO Capital’s Contract and Legal Proceedings are pending!

These Breach of Contract Legal Proceedings clearly demonstrates a lack of professionalism, lack of credibility & unethical behavior on the part of Nazca Global Ltd & Nazca Global LLC that Investors should consider before Investing in Nazca Ventures MXA Fund. This Breach of Contract with REO Capital will not institute trust with Investors in the fund.

If Nazca Global Ltd can’t honor the contract terms of REO Capital, their placement agent firm that brings institutional investors into the fund, then it is doubtful whether Nazca Global Ltd can be honest and ethical with the investment capital in the fund over a 5 year period once the investors are placed in the fund?

Nazca Global Ltd, Venture Capital Fund is said to be merging with another firm in Europe and this has not been disclosed in their legal document called a PPM. That firm should also be aware of this Breach of Contract by their future partners in Mexico.

"Caveat Emptor" Nazca Venture Investors.

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