Musician Alert: New Online Courses Reveal How Anybody Can Learn To Play Any Instrument

The Music industry just got a wake up call: Anleta Music’s online service that caters to the needs of anyone wanting to play a musical instrument.

Online PR News – 22-October-2015 – Cape Town – Western Cape -Tony Anleta has officially put the music industry on notice: learning to play an instrument is now faster, easier and more affordable than ever before.

Tony Anleta, a current musician and producer revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story here is that learning to play a musical instrument does not have to be a time consuming effort.”

As proof, Tony asks prospective and current musicians to consider these three areas before deciding on playing an instrument.
• Do you need extensive knowledge in musical theory to excel in an instrument?
• Does the credibility of your instructor match their ability?
• How long will it take to master my instrument?

These questions on the learning experience of your potential instrument are just part of an entire series of solutions Anleta Music offers.

The complete range of online step-by-step tutorials covers everything from guitar and piano to producing music. The online tutorials are available for immediate download at And to support the next generation of musicians, these valuable courses are available now for from $20 - $100 depending on which course.

For media queries, to arrange for an interview or an expert
quote, please contact Tony Anleta at

Tony Anleta has over 7 years in modern music production. Anleta Music has been recognized by musicians worldwide for their excellence in teaching inexperienced musicians how to perfect their craft.

Tony is a producer, and lead singer of two Indie bands who are headquartered in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

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