Trymyapps is an App Killing Spare Time for iPhone and iPod Users

Trymyapps is a new platform to boost app ranking and benefit users.

Online PR News – 20-October-2015 – United States – Trymyapps is an app introduced by Invincible Warrior which is a company established around two years ago. Under his charge, there are varied applications like trymyapps, bestreviewapp, etc. Besides these, it also invents online games.
Trymyapps can be called a tool that can help developers to boost their app position to a prior place in App store. Those who want to make their apps visible for more users can try to use this app. To promote an application at a prior app store position, the most important role is users. No users, nothing can work. To attract users to use Trymyapps, there should be bonus to be rewarded. Below is the introduction of how Trymyapps benefit his users:
After developers place an order online and wait it to be activated, users will receive a push information for new task app release. Users then accept the available tasks one by one, and locate the correct task apps in app store with given information(app approximate position, logo, description etc.). Users will download the correct apps to play for over four minutes. It is because users download these apps and play them for enough time that Trymyapps will try to send reward. Completing an app, users can get $0.4. Including some additional work (like keeping the apps on mobile phone for a few days), the total revenue should be $0.5. Users get bonus and can withdraw the real cash via Paypal, Alipay or by redeeming itune gift card.
For users, this kind of promotion app is convenient and easy to play. Users with iPhone and iPod can join to download and earn some pocket money at spare time. Ps: Trymyapps only receive mobile phones logged on with US Apple ID and it can be compatible with IOS 7 or later.