Catch Brazilian Actor Fred Fleury On Netflix In The Series 'Gringolandia'

Actor Fred Fleury from the award-winning film "Full Circle" guest stars on "Gringolandia" airing on Netflix.

Online PR News – 20-October-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Brazilian actor Fred Fleury, who has established himself as a versatile talent in the film and television industry through his roles in the films "Full Circle," "Gragon," "The Zombie's Daughter," "Sonic Portraits" and the shows "My Crazy Love" and "Buff Cafe," guest stars as Jesse in the second season of the hit series "Gringolandia."

If you love a good comedy series then make sure to check out the award-winning series "Gringolandia," which follows Peter played by Koke Santa Ana ("Chipe Libre"), a Chilean who falls in love with Stacey played by Nicole Schneider, and follows her to the US where he opens a hot dog stand in New York. In the first season of the show Peter finally manages to get his hot dog stand up and running, and by the second season his stand, known as "Yankee Way," makes it onto the local Channel 5 News; but, with Fleury's character Jesse coming into the mix in episode four of season two entitled "Mr. Musculo," Peter experiences trouble in paradise.

When Jesse, a charismatic personal trainer with a chiseled body, begins training Stacey for an upcoming marathon and taking up all of her time, Peter decides to attend one of their sessions. Upon meeting Jesse, Peter realizes that the new guy is a threat to both his manhood and his relationship with Stacey, and he intends to do something about it. To find out what happens next, you'll have to watch the show.

"Gringolandia" was released on Netflix on September 30, and is currently available for online streaming to Netflix audiences in the US, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. Netflix will also become available to audiences in Spain on October 20.


After having an incredible reception on YouTube with the series garnering over 4.4 million total views, "Gringolandia" has become the first Latin American web series to migrate from its original platform to Netflix, which is the world's leading online television network with over 65 million subscribers.

Earlier this month "Gringolandia" creator Cristobal Ross, who is also the producer and director of the series, announced that the third season of the series will also be available to audiences very soon.

Fleury says, "'Gringolandia' is a hilarious and relatable series, and I'm so happy that I got to be a part of it. I hope to be back for the third season."

Last year Fleury's name in the industry received major international recognition when he starred in Pauline Gefin's film "Full Circle," which took home an award at the prestigious London Film Awards, and was chosen as an Official Selection of the Bolgatty Film Festival, Cine Pobre Film Festival, La Femme Film Festival and others.

A feel good film about kindness and karma, "Full Circle" follows Natalie, a sweet New Yorker who buys a homeless man a gyro at a local stand, only to be pleasantly surprised the following day when Mark played by Fleury not only buys her a gyro, but turns out to be the love she's been looking for.

Director Pauline Gefin says, “Fred always brings a positive energy on set, and he's ambitious, and resourceful.”

Fleury has definitely displayed his ability to take on roles as the hunky male lead through his roles in the series "Gringolandia," "My Crazy Love" and the film "Full Circle," but what is so special about this Brazilian talent is the versatile nature of his craft, which has allowed him to transition into dramatic and action filled roles with natural ease.

From playing the dangerously fierce Russian mobster in Pat Williams film "When Good Girls Kill" to the Wizard Tethios, the fearless protector of Princess Pethranie, in Carina Silva's fantasy film "Gragon" Fleury has powerfully established himself as an actor with unparalleled range.

Audiences across Brazil will undoubtedly recognize the actor, who relocated to the US several years ago, from the show "Tudo E Possivel," where Fleury made it into the semifinals as a singer. Since beginning his training in musical theatre in his youth back home in Brazil, Fleury has also impressed audiences across continents with his stage performances in productions including "Salome: Da Voodoo Princess of Nawlins," "The White Man is the Right Man," "Periodic Maintenance," "Marley: A Musical, Tragedy," "Jesus Christ Superstar" and more.

Fred Fleury, who is currently represented by Pash Entertainment, as well as Ideal Talent Agency for commercial work, is clearly one Brazilian that American audiences have grown to love, and we guarantee that viewers will be seeing a whole lot more of him for decades to come.