Global Investor Poll Reveals Gender Gaps: Women More Likely to Focus on Immediate Financial Needs

The survey, which polled more than 17,500 respondents in 12 nations including almost 9,000 women globally, is one of the largest surveys ever of its kind.

Online PR News – 19-October-2015 – Hong Kong – Women around the world today are more concerned than men are about immediate financial needs and concerns - and are more likely than men to overlook longer-term financial priorities such as planning effectively for their retirement, according to the first-ever Global Investor Pulse Survey recently conducted by Zephyr Securities.

Women are more likely than men to emphasize strengthening day-to-day financial security via saving and debt reduction. When asked what they would do if they earned an extra $200 (or the equivalent) more per month, women globally were more inclined than men to say they would save more generally (45% vs. 38%) and pay off debt (28% vs. 23%) – as well as spend more on their children (15% vs. 11%).

At the same time, in most parts of the world, women (52%) are less likely than men (59%) to say they have begun to save for retirement. Both men and women prioritize retirement: 47% of men and 46% of women name “funding a comfortable retirement” as a currently important financial goal. But, while 55% of respondent men say they understand how much they need to save for retirement, only 45% of respondent women do. Just 53% of women say they have begun to save for retirement, compared with 62% of men.

“Simply put, when it comes to money, women and men today see the world quite differently,” said Sue Ling, Managing Director and Head of the Institutional Asset Management and RIA Channel at Zephyr Securities.

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