PaceMaker Stix™ Introduces New 'Hybrid' Carbon Fiber Pole Product; Upgrades Existing Product Lines

"Best Value" in Walking Poles and Accessories Launches a New, Innovative Pole Design, and Now Offers Replaceable Tungsten Tips for More 2015 Pole Lines.

Online PR News – 20-October-2015 – Grand Prairie, TX – PaceMaker Stix, a customer-focused Walking Equipment & Accessories Manufacturer, e-Retailer and "Lifestyle Evolution" company, is introducing a new carbon/fiberglass "hybrid" pair of walking poles, named "AT-6." The "6" in the name refers to the weight of a single pole, which is only 6 ounces. The poles are a proprietary blend of fiberglass and carbon, creating a light but strong "reinforced" carbon fiber design.

The new AT-6 poles were created to offer consumers an ideal blend of light weight and durability, along with the company's commitment to high quality craftsmanship, and the goal of continuing to be the best value in walking and hiking poles and accessories.


"We are very proud of the AT-6," noted Wes Wittman, VP of Customer Care. "The product is top notch, from grips to tips, and offers the latest features and high quality at affordable pricing, relative to comparable offerings from other major brands. Now, both existing and new customers can buy PaceMaker when they want carbon fiber or a "hybrid" pole construction for lighter, but stable and high performance walking and hiking."

The company has also announced that it is now formally expanding its successful replacement tips feature from their top selling Expedition poles to the AT-6, Journey and Journey AS pole products as well. When a tip wears out, it can be easily replaced by unscrewing it and then screwing a new tip into place, rather than having to buy a brand new pole/pair of poles. PaceMaker Stix is also offering a pair of replacement tips and a wrench in a special "Tip Replacement Kit." All PaceMaker poles and pole accessories are available on the company's web site ( and on their Amazon Seller Central page (search for "PaceMaker Stix" in the search box on at attractive price points.

About PaceMaker Stix
In 2008, PaceMaker Stix was founded for a number of reasons:

-To broaden the appeal and popularity of Walking or Hiking Poles in the US; the sport has a much wider recognition and has been practiced in Europe since the 1930's; 14+ million people enjoy walking and hiking with poles worldwide
-To offer consumers Walking, Hiking and Trekking pole products and accessories with both superior quality and value--"affordable, every day quality and craftsmanship"
-Give people of all ages a way to exercise and be healthier on their terms--Pole Walking is inclusionary and evolutionary in our opinion, not an elitist or "uber athlete" type of sport or activity

The company is privately held, with headquarters in Grand Prairie, TX and manufacturing operations around the world.

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