The Law Office of Steve Cedillos Offers Aggressive Defense for Domestic and Spouse Abuse

The domestic and spouse abuse lawyer at The Law Office of Steve Cedillos offers diligent representation and aggressive defense for domestic violence.

Online PR News – 18-October-2015 – Honolulu – 17th October, 2015 - The Law Office of Steve Cedillos, a client-oriented family law firm in Hawaii, USA, fighting for defendants in various cases like separation, parental visitation, annulments, alimony and more for the last twenty years, offers thorough defense through its knowledgeable and professional domestic and spouse abuse lawyer. He can help those people who face the allegation of acting violently against husband/wife, ex spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, present or former roommate, the parent of their child, or any other family member like an uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or so on. When people get arrested and convicted for abusing, stalking, threatening, or pursuing any other form of physical violence against a household member, they either get penalized or sentenced to jail. They also face many shocking consequences in life. Some of them also get charged without assaulting or beating anyone. The Law Office of Steve Cedillos has an aggressivel family lawyer, Steve Cedillos to defend people properly in domestic violence and spouse abuse charges. Steve is aware of the crippling consequences of domestic violence and does not want it to spoil the personal or professional life of any defendant. He commits to protect the rights of people whether they are charged with a misdemeanor or a violent Class A felony. He maintains a dedicated approach and implements strategies to fight these cases.

Being accused of domestic violence or spouse abuse in Hawaii can be a nightmarish situation for defendants and their family. The police are often called to control or manage tensions brewing in the relationship or household and it may also result in an arrest, that creates additional hardship for the client and his/her other family members. A defendant appearing in the courtroom for a bond hearing on domestic and spouse abuse charge, may be directed by the judge not to maintain any contact with the abused victim , forcing him/her to move out of the house for that time. If you or your loved one is facing a domestic violence charge in Hawaii, you can defend yourself or him/her with the domestic and spouse abuse lawyer at The Law Office of Steve Cedillos.

As a skillful attorney handling all kinds of family disputes, he knows how to deal with court proceedings and defend against domestic violence or spouse abuse . He will make sure that you follow the right steps and conduct your defense properly. Our domestic and spouse abuse lawyer represents every defendant with maximum possible personal attention and care.

At The Law Office of Steve Cedillos, the attorney has strong experience in addressing domestic and spouse abuse charges and fines. For a comprehensive and effective legal representation or first time consultation in Hawaii or its surrounding area, visit the website at

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The Law Office of Steve Cedillos has been dealing with criminal and family law matters for more than twenty years. It maintains a dedicated approach and aggressive defense solutions when it comes to defending clients from conviction or its dangerous consequences. The Law Office of Steve is available for legal representation using the skill and experience of its licensed and compassionate domestic and spouse abuse lawyer, Steve Cedillos.